League’s referee cancels Harva’s Dance

The Seattle Hawk was in the game of Washington Red Pieces last Monday, Russell Wilson gave Percy-Harvin, because of the strife James – Cagpete ( James carpenter is canceled, causing the Haiying team very dissatisfied. The Alliance Office is very satisfied with this penalty.

The NFL referee is DEAN BLANDINO, said Cagpete attacked an impact on the defensive frontline player who lost his defensive ability to the ground and wholesale nfl jerseys online should be sentenced to foul. He said in the league weekly referee video: “This is a foul. A player lost his preparation after flying, you can successfully complete this cover action, but if you stop, you will go to hit the player The head or neck area, that is, unnecessary collision is fouled. After the Cagpet stopped, he collided with the arm and the forearm and the front arm, so it belongs to unnecessary collision fouls. “

But this is a shocking, wholesale jerseys from china attacking the front line coach Tom-Kelple, said that Kelple is just the kind of conftriving play, he said: “This is a bad thing. The penalty. Cagpete did not worry about the referee, don’t worry about the referee, you only need to perform it. Now it seems late, and it seems to be stupid, this is what I don’t want to see. But this is a fact. “

Pete Carroll said that the practicing of the Rarrol is “shameless”. But Brandio responded to this, wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys for sale and the violation of the referee was correct.

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