2 years agoInformed people said that Katnik and Mustang continued to talk about it, I would like to know if they can reduce the differences in the contract. According to San Francisco media reports, John Elway, general manager of Capenik and Mustang, has been seen at least once.

“We are very disappointed with our performance,” Bris said. “I think we know much better than this performance, we understand this, especially the season, now we really have to pull the gap with other teams and continue to make us to achieve the expected goals. “

“As I told the team last night, I retired cheap jerseys from china the coach. I love to work and love the football, but I will not be able to compete for this job,” Kuboy is in the statement on Monday. “I have dedicated everything in the past two seasons, but especially for me this year. Although it is difficult to leave this position, I know this is the most, for me, my family and Danfo wild horse Good decision. “

The two sides will explore the contract details on Friday or next Tuesday for voting. The contract will include a contract option for 2020 (if the Rose Vegas Stadium can’t be completed on schedule). Around 3.15, the local parliament will make a specification, and the alliance will make a final vote in the annual meeting of 3.24-27. The 2020 contract option needs to be performed until next year 4.1.

Contract problem has become the maximum hindrance to Kelignik in wild horses

According to informed sources, the 49 people and Denver Horse in San Francisco have reached a consensus on the approximate provisions of Quin Kaepernick transactions, but before the two sides reached a transaction, Katnik and the wild horse also need to agree to rebuild contracts. And the current two sides are still huge.

Lack of long-term threats is not new. Bristed last season averages the ball flight distance of 7.1 yard, which is the fifth less of the League. Saints rely on the perfect set pass route to make the pickup to get a large number of codes after the ball.

Capenik’s salary next season reached 11.9 million US dollars, and the salary cap space reached 15.9 million US dollars. Wild horses hopes smaller wage spaces and contracts, and needs to make sure that they can do this.

They are faced with a team of top defensive groups. Before this game, Atlantan Falcon Defensive Group ranks alliances 30, 24, 31 and 32, respectively, in terms of proposal, fragrant, unpacking, red area defense and killing.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, it is expected that the raids of Rus Vegas in 2020 have reached an agreement with the Oakland Arena official, will continue in the 2019 season. Use the Auckland Arena as homeland. Pavodport added that the contract is expected to be completed on Wednesday.

Cheap jerseys from china the data, the pirates make the opponent to advance the number of codes, especially not good at defense. But for Brisse, the problem is that the Saint Offense Group is not good at long. This season is the shortest four defense every time the ball is flying. The two defigs of the saints: Bris (6.3 yards) and Teddy-Bridgewater (6.2).

Black Leopard runs Williams still absent competition

Carolina Black Leopard is going down the slope of the road to Guide Andro Williams (ankle) will absence the game of the War Green Bay packaging in Sunday. The team announced this news on Saturday, Williams was listed on the Sunday game on Friday, it would be unlikely to play, now we know that he will not play. This will be the third game of his continuous misses this season, the total number of fifth game.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Miami Dolphin Defense Coordinator Wansan Joseph and Qiari Mike Mike Salunan Mike Shanahan, the Atlantian Femplay Eagle Attack Coordination Kyle Shanahan is one of the candidates of replaced Babyk.

Under the dilemma of running guards, I hope I can see the black panther re-exerts the four-point Wei Kam Newton and the reading option attack on the ground. Kelvin Benjamin is still in question, and must be reported through more than one brain volatility before re-opening.

The Black Panther also announced that the Fozzy Whittaker will also absent the competition. Jonathan Stewart will start starting, this run is missing the three games in Carolina due to the injury of the knee.

San Francisco 49 people’s loss of the Saint’s lost losses were larger, and they could have further increased the opportunity to become a NAS. But now 7 wins and 2 losses, the saints are ranked in the playoffs and green bay packaging workers.

Kubik is a player, coach and assistant in the wild horse to hold a 22 season. Although he announced no longer coaching, Kubiak did not exclude the possibility of accepting other positions related to rugby.

Kubik has achieved 82 wins and 75 losses in 10 seasons of coach, in which 21 wins were got in 11 wins and 11 losses. As a coach helped wild horses to win the 50th Super Bowl of Champions, and won the 29th, 32nd and 33th Super Bowl of Championships as assistant coaches.

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