Wenston won the 2013 Hosmanship, led Florida State University to win the national championship in the same year. In a few months, he is the most popular person selected by the champion. He is a typical pocket-type quarter-saving, with powerful arm strength, strong physical and good instinct, from professional-style offensive system to help him transition to NFL.

Texans kicker Randy – Bullock (Randy Bullock) becomes the new season’s first failed to hit the additional points play people. This is his 67 career touchdowns additional points shot in the first failure.

The 14th week of Week’s best player list released

The cheap nfl jerseys officially announced the best players of the National United States of America, which last week. Pittsburgh Steadman Run Guidian – Bell (Le & Rash) When it is well-deserved, the best player of the United Jian Fa, in the face of Cincinnati Tiger last week, Bell’s firepower, 26 shots in the audience The 185 yards reached another 50 yards, and the 50 yards were added to each other, almost in the power of the tiger defense. Such a performance has also successfully pressed another three candidates: Denver Ming Ma jog CJ-Andon (CJANDERSON), New England Patriopters take over Julian – Julian Edelman and Auckland Assistant 4-point Delik – Carl (Derek Carr)

Winston did not go to the election scene but chose to celebrate this moment in the home of Alabama. Last season’s pirate offensive group ranked 29 in the score of the League, and Winston is likely to start in the first week. Coincidentally, in the first week of the new season, he will face Tennesi Titan, which is selected to pick a four-dimensional Marcus Marcus Marcus (Marcus Mariota).

Tuesday, when he was involved in charity, he was interviewed by the reporter. When the reporter asked him about the 2017 season, he said: “This is a very good question, I have no answer. I love American football. Every aspect, I don’t want to stop, but I have to wait and make a decision. “

In fact, the negotiations of the two were ultimately NFL occupied advantages, which can be seen from the Roger Goodell, Chairman Roger Goodell in the past few years, and at least players do not appreciate this strong wrist.

Bullock is not the only one. There are four additional points missed touchdowns, compared to last season, they have risen sharply in the game this week. The data show that in the past five seasons 6447 touchdowns additional points shot missed only 37 times. Average per season, only 7.4 additional points shot failed.

In December this year, Parm is about 38, the 2017 season will be his 15th season, and his state in his last season will decline, but he still completed 4233 yards pass, 26 reaches and 14 teleculations. .

After the implementation of the new rules additional points kicker hit rate has dropped

Additional points play after touchdowns was once a very easy thing to do. In the past, this play is that they need not see that result. In March, Union regulations change, additional points touchdown play position is shifted to 15 yard line, which leads into the original 17 yards play now play 32 or 33 yards.

Narrowly, Panther advance home win the second round of playoff

Beijing at 5:30 on January 4, the National League wild card race first staged as scheduled, the final home game of the Carolina Panthers to 27:16 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, bulls enter the second round of the playoffs. The game was Panthers quarterback Cam Newton – (Cam Newton) first playoff victory of his career, but also the Panthers for the first time since 2005 to win the playoffs.

The game Newton 32 18 successful outgoing transmission 198 yards two touchdowns steals time, running back Stewart scored 24 red balls 123 yards touchdown. Cardinal side Lindley 28 16 successful passes of 81 yards scored two touchdowns 1 steals, Fitzgerald took over 3 times the ball 31 yards win

Cardinals first attack after the opening game, but the results are poor can only choose to punt, punt hand Cardinals Drew – Butler (Drew Butler) just kicked the ball 20 yards. Opposite side of the Panthers quickly enter the state, and running back Jonathan Newton – Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) combined with mass run, advancing all the way to the Cardinals 30 yards at halftime, but do not go there after advancing only by kicker Graham – Lugano (Graham Gano) to complete the 47 yards shot, the score to 3: 0. Then the Cardinals offense is still unhelpful to rely on weak ground offensive forced forward, rushed the ball three times failed to finish the first file, Butler’s second punt and only 28 yards, content Butler whole game poor performance. Panthers offensive continues unabated in getting the ball, Newton continuous conduction all the way to complete the Cardinals advanced to the red zone, then running back Stewart completed 13 yards rushing touchdowns, the score was extended to 10: 0. Back to the Cardinals still no progress, quarterback Ryan – Lindley (Ryan Lindley) continuously without the threat of short passes, but this time fortune favored the Cardinals, Butler a bad punt 33 yards but makes the black Panther return man Brenton – Boer Xin (Brenton Bersin) hand slipped off the ball, get the ball in the Cardinals Panthers halftime. Then Lindley and wide receiver – Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) completed a crucial third gear conversion, followed by Lindley found Darren Everett – Fils (Darren Fells) completed 1 yard touchdown, score closer to 7:10. Then the two teams attack each other are stalled punt, where the Panthers also missed a shot of 43 yards. Newton’s pass was Cardinals cornerback Antonio in the Section 5 minutes left – Cromartie (Antonio Cromatie) steals and complete the 50 yards to the Panthers back to attack the red zone, followed by Cardinals running back Marion – grid Rice (Marion Grice) complete one yards rushing touchdowns, Cardinals go-ahead score 14:10. Panthers accelerate the pace attack before halftime completed a 39 yards shot, the score became 14:13, the game into halftime.

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