[Pre-match] Regular season 2th week Sunday Night game giant @ 牛仔The second week of the regular season, the game came to the National Diandong District New York Giants will be passenger at & amp; T coupling challenge Dallas denim, the court period giant has a strong assistance to join the two ends, and swearing in the horse game. I hope to achieve better results this year; Dallas Cowboy is just after retiring Dudez – Bryant and Jason Witten, it also officially opened the road to rebuild, but they have “Gemini”. Can’t be underestimated. In history, the two teams have absolute advantages with 64 wins and 45-linked 2-level record, and the cowboy last season has played the role of the giant killer, the first National Eastern War this season, I don’t know what will there be a wonderful Play?

Crowd trading gains the American Tiger defensive end CampbellUS Time Sunday, according to ESPN reporters, Cheap Jerseys the Jaguchi will defensive Dragon Campbell transactions to the crow, exchange the other party five-wheel signs. According to reports, the crow is already negotiated with Campbell, which is about to sign a new 27 million US dollars, including $ 20 million security.

Vic-Bisley Branding Cori LuoBeijing June 27th, Vic Beasley, was a player of the University of Clemenson in front of the Super Star of Atlanta. It is a nightmare of the University’s four-point guard.

Bisley gave himself 2012 Chevrolet Kai Mai Luo’s new Clementon color. It is reported that in order to complete the update of this old car, the factory spent 350 hours, and the entire car spent $ 12,280 in Bisley.

General Manager of Steel Man: Regression of Line Wahie – Shazur No TimetableSince the 13th week of the 2017 season, Ryan Shazier has no longer playing the Pittsburgh steel man, but he has been staying in the steel person after suffering serious injuries, Kevin, general manager of the team – Kevin Colbert believes that this will not change.

Competition between the enemy of the same district is often quite fierce, but the cowboy last season has won two victories, and at the same time, the psychological advantage of the cowboy is also very huge, in order to win the home opening, I believe that the cowboy will bring more surprises.

Dallas denim last week in Carolina was very tenacious to the black panther defensive group, and the 8-16 lost game. Under the oppression of the Black Panther Defense Group, the audience has a bright play of the four-point guards, and the picks of Cole Bisley, Allen Henes and others. The ball group also does seems to be a candidate, but Izyl-Elliot is a good time, and takes 1 time to help the cowboy saves a trace of face in the away.

For steel people, Shazur, who has been effective for 4 seasons, entered the professional bowl, including him of the 2017 season. His return story has always motivated people, obviously steel people have been paying attention to his rehabilitation.

Arreon: Elington is still the number one running guardArizona Red Shot has been very active in this snoring period. It was previously seen as an Adrian Peterson, and another rumor showing the team. The wheel picks an running guard. In the end, the red tones were still extracted in the draft, and the David Johnson, the University of Topoli University.

The New York Giants ate a big loss on the defenders of the defenders on the home of the defenders last week, and the home was lost at 20-15. Super rookie runs Samun – Buckley still shows a very powerful strength, winning 106 yards and 69 yards in the audience. Odel Beckham also handed over a good data after he replied, although it was defeated, but this year’s giants still have the hope of impacting the playoffs.

Eliore and Barsli Run Diseases: Barkley ran out of 100+ codes this week, will become the first 2005 to complete 100+ sports numbers in the first two games since 2005 Rhetoric running guard;

Elays Manning and Dick Prescott are not very ideal in the first round of the regular season. Can this week ushered in rebound;

Odel Beckham has been surpassed, and it can lead the giant to take a victory in the away.

Although Elington is engaged in the best, his thin body is very struggling in the inner mushroom. Last season, Al Lington co-holds the ball 201, accumulating the running 660 yards, only 3.3 yards. Compared to the height of 5 feet 9 inch, the weight of 199 pounds of Elington, Johnson is more strong. This height is 6 feet 1 inch, the thickness of 224 pounds is 4.5 seconds in the 40 yard, and he also has excellent ballistics.

“When you deal with Ryan-Shazur, you can’t give a schedule,” Cobert said on Thursday. “You face a young man working hard. We always support his desire, whether at a specific day or at a specific stage. We have to follow some regulations, but for his return may not Application restrictions, no time schedule. “

Robert Quinn, Robert Quinn, is better than that of Robert Quinn, and he completed 11.5 times last year, and the cowboy is most. However, Quinin signed a contract with the bear team this year, Along Smith and Randy Gregory need to complete the re-duty application. Lawrence needs to reply to the prior to killing, and contribute to the cowboy defense.

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