“The patriot is very good to me. I really want to play competition, so the situation is actually very depressed. Although the action is limited, I still have to recover, adjust the mentality. I am also part of the team, watch video with them, weekly Let’s meet together. I am still a captain. I have participated in all examples. I also got more opportunities to get along with my wife & hellip; & hellip; last year is really unusual, now I am ready. “

Saint Cor Tirati Moori did not participate in Thursday trainingMarshon Lattimore last week did not play the game against the ram. This Wednesday restrictions on training, and I haven’t participated directly on Thursday. The progress of injuries is not optimistic, it is likely to be listed as absence in the final injury report.

Williams refers to the Hawks icon Cover 3 system, which is indeed generally compared with Williams’ multi-variable frontline arrangements and various camouflage. However, ordinary does not mean the effect, the Haiying 2011-2016, the defensive defense per season can be rushed to the top ten. During this period, they won a super bowl, known as “bombarding the army”, and Orr-Thomas ( Earl Thomas) and Camchasler (Kam Chancellor) and other stars.

Red-skinned Bavrande will absent the training camp due to injuriesAccording to NFL’s famous media, Ian Rapoport, Washington Red-Lee 2nd Corner Washing Bashaud BREELAND will absence the remaining training camp due to lack of ligament in the knee. Previous Billand has violated the drug abuse policy of the NFL Alliance because of holding marijuana, the penalty of the ban on the ban.

Andrews recalls: “The experts told me the existence of the thrombosis, I don’t know what this means. I told the doctor that I need to go home to go home. At that time, I really realized the seriousness of things. They didn’t let me Leaving, I lived in the hospital for five nights. I am the first thing to find someone to help me go to the dog, then call my wife, try to explain the status quo against her. I found a college teammate Clint-Bole (CLINT BOLING), he also had a similar case, so I found a doctor. He introduced a doctor. He is really good for me. I don’t know the danger at all. “

Safety Swan Marcus Williams, near-ended Coby Fleener and Left Diener – Armstead also did not participate in training. Ams Dade is still in the cerebral volatile inspection process, this week may not be able to play.

Bridide’s rookie race has fluctuated, from time to time, it will show an amazing manufacturing and anti-transformation capability, but it is often in struggling. He first issued 15 games last season, contributing 66 hugs and twice to make the ball. Bridel was originally struggled to compete with Deangelo Hall from the injury, www.Academbanner.academ.Info and the red skin hoped that this young corner can have a quality in his career. Improve, to make up for the red-skinned defensive second line.

The jet machine owner said in the game: “I am very relieved to Keno. If he keeps healthy, he will be the first. I am not ready to change him, he is very good, he is a firm, brave young man, We will win more victory. “

Jet coach: Kino – Smith will still be the firstRecently, New York Jet’s fans have always called “We want to returns!”, There are more and more slogans, but with Skykeno Smith, the team’s wish will be defeated by Detroit Lions. Empty.

Andrew said: “I have had chest pain and breathing difficulties before, even coughing blood in the training camp. I didn’t think even if I was aware, I was forced to be my fault. I thought I was just a little sick, but I feel unlike myself. Not the entire training camp has been low, just when it is good. “

Smith has many autonomous choices of tactics, and also shows the performance of the control schedule. But it is not very stable in the passing performance. The defending team said “If he reduces the mistakes, we can have a different progress, I believe he will not make the same mistake.”

Jet Anti-Coordinator: Adams may be bored in the sea eagleDue to the series of Jamal Adams, the 14th week of Jamal Adams has an extra attention to the sea eagle. US Time Thursday, Jet Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams has come to “fire over”.

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