Sooner or later biogas usage is set to increase dramatically. We at the moment are seeing a genuine international curiosity in all matters concerning the origin, production and applications of biogas. The main driving forces behind this are:

The realization that now we have reached a peak oil situation and likewise the methods of extraction and production are being simplified and now accessible to a wider range of people.

The idea of ‘peak oil’ as soon as shrugged off as an alarmist scare tactic is now accepted as one of many daunting info about the state of the world. There is little point in arguing with the sceptics. Seeing that governments in the European Union and developed nations are taking measures to reduce their nations’ dependence on fossil fuel, albeit hesitantly. We must do not forget that (for example) the United States of America gobbles up 20.59 million barrels of crude oil a day (next is China at 7.27 million). So the reduction in fossil derived energy consumption will be a difficult task.

The process will be largely centered on public awareness policies, through education the hope is that people will choose to make use of and preserve energy more wisely. Convincing individuals which are so depending on low-cost energy to alter their habits understandably meets a great deal of resistance.

There are promising developments within the various energy arenas. The production of more environment friendly and cheaper photovoltaic or solar cells is giving many dwelling in sunny places the opportunity to supplement or in some cases meet all their energy needs. Identical is the case with wind-powered electrical generators. With both there’s a system that enables unused electricity to be feed in the main nationwide energy grid.

The production of biogas is seen as an ideal untapped resource. In creating nations small family run bioreactors may be set up with minimal cost. Some projects in Georgia have shown very stunning results. Around 70-120 million cubic metres of biogas could possibly be produced from animal waste. Saving the country from deforestation and indoor air pollution from burning the wood.

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