GAFELE was interviewed: “Now all this is planned, a large number of fans love the old logo, we also like it, but this takes time, we can’t replace this is just because of the moment, so I can say What we will extract the fans’ suggestions to improve this, our thinking is open, but there is no change in the current plan. “

About Chiyoujun’s draft will be quite interesting, and many fans will question. Is it not advocating the first round? As a result, he fell to the end of the year before he was chosen, you see, the cowhide blows.

In Monday’s statement, this survey was previously called the team “ARTHUR Blank”, who did not appeal to NFL’s decision and has taken it. Action ensures that this matter will not occur again. “The thing that has happened is wrong, but also far from the standard of our team,” Blanco said. “There is anything in violation of Nfl jerseys fairness or threatening our team culture, just like this, these behaviors must be quickly and severely resolved.”

The essence of the steel man put Bronte’s hand to Bellchiko. It is actually that there is very little to BRET’s use after Hello-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell), this season is coming to new Just 12th week before England, only 65 chances. Bronds gave this team’s fresh blood. As a game, there were more than 150 chances of the game in the last season, and one of the three-yard running guards in 5 yards. Bronds came to the patriot after Pittsburgh 4.1. The game number is 4.7 yards.

8, 2009 season, Puque 51-25 packwork. NFL’s most exciting to the battle in the history of the battle, and finally the rickets have caused the ball through the overtime race, and the line guard Karlos Dansby returns to the dead.The two sides of the whole game promoted more than a thousand yards to get 96 points to create a number of records, including the red scitch four-point guard, the inspirational legend Kurt Warner passed 5 to 5 reached – and only 4 passed the ball unsuccessful, pass the ball reached Safety than the number of pass failures, I am afraid that no one can copy!

10, 2002 season, 49 people 39-38 giants. This game is called “The Wildest Wild Card Finish”

The strength of the giant, the top three of the giants, the whole way, smooth, smooth, all the way. Unexpectedly, 49 people play 16-0 scores in the fourth quarter. The last moment Giant has the opportunity to try to kill any basket of shooting.

However, the old player Trey Junkin is seriously mistaken, causing the football Matt Allen even not touched, I have to pick up the ball, and the referee has blows the giant’s illegal pick-up hand foul (which should be 49 people. Getting the ball), after the alliance, recognizes the mistrit, but the results of the game cannot be changed.

As Chairman of the Competition, McCai is one of the most influential teams of NFL, which can be seen from his important role in the NFL annual meeting. This penalty is a warning for other teams attempting to use audience noise to achieve an advantage.

The Alliance found that Roddy White, the head of Falcon Activity Marketing, is directly responsible for the team’s violations. According to the alliance, McKai has assumed the noise of the team to make a viewer’s noise: “Our investigation also identifies the false residents and senior management, including the team president Richmati, did not know that Wright uses the sound file Manufacturing audience noise, “The Alliance is expressed in the statement. “But Mr. McKai as senior management responsible for the operation of the game should assume responsibility for ensuring the team employees to comply with the alliance rules. Mr. McKai will be suspended from the competition from the competition from April 1st. He is from June 30 Come to the President (Roger -) Goodell (Roger -) Goodell (Roger Goodell) to the Recovery Committee. “

In the past five weeks of career, the black leopard, Saint, Brown, Pirates and 49 people were played, because only 54.2% of the appearance rate of Chiyou Jun, only one quarter of time The anti-running file appeared, and the other four-quarters appeared in the anti-transmission, including 40.3% of the anti-transmission, column in the “box”, 52.5% column in the slot, the content of Chiyou Jun is roughly: stay in the box Prevent the opposite pavement attack, follow the anti-near end or run guard, once the approach of the opponent’s neighborhood or running guards as a slot in the slot, Chi Friendun can become a trough angle.

The sound of the large number of outside the outside world will be two LOGOs in 2017, but due to the five-year change regulations of the alliance, the dolphins need to wait until the next year can apply for changes.

The Alliance announced that it will be a fine of $ 350,000, and the team will lose its fifth round of draft selection next year. Rich McKay will be suspended at least 3 months from January 1st from April 1.

In the past few days before Rhodes completed, Viking and defensive end Affison – Everson Griffen signed a high price renewal contract. The next line Wei’an, Anthony Barr, may be the next player who gets the renewal. Retaining excellent players to ensure that Viking can continue to perform well.

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