Dell Pitt is expected to be on Damarious Randall. Brown rescheduls in the safety shower, in addition to choosing Dell Pitte, Brown also uses four rounds to select Sheldrick Redwine, signing Carl Joseph and the old will Andrew-Sauna Andrew Sendejo.

In the year, Dell Pitte played the first round of performance. However, the ankle injury affected his third season, and he also made him decline in this year to the second round, let Brown have a chance to sign 44.

Before renewing with Mahms, the chieftain may still solve several problems. How will the Sammy Watkins Watkins Watkins? Can they leave key corners of Bashaud Breland and KenDall Fuller still have to replace them? The free player market will have a key impact on whether the chieftain can succeed.

This week, Grams was directly asked to the possibility of retirement, the following is the old answer: “I haven’t considered this now. But after the season, I will consider. I am playing now. I consider the next opponent falcon, and the next opponent & mdash; & mdash; should be a black panther. When the game is over, I will think about retiring this kind of thing. “

Mayo will solve these needs in the free player market and draft, and he will also hope that the 2019 new show will continue to make progress last season. If all according to the plan, he can reinforce the team’s lineup and make the raid people ushered in the first year of Las Vegas.

Although most coaches and general managers make their own answer vague, Mei Joked dare to admit that their external connections need to be upgraded. The same is true for the team’s defensive group. “We have a lot of demand in the defensive group, the problem is & lsquo; who is a good player who makes us better? & Rsquo;” Mercio said.

Buckley is a good sign to return to some training on Friday. Previously, he was trained alone on the field. When asked, if you can play the game against the patriot, Bakley said: “I think it can. I think it can. As long as you continue to recover in the right way, then you can come back when you come out …. I mean Yes, it will be great. Not only because of Tom Brady, but it is because it is possible to face the patriot. Are they now the best team of NFL? You may have an objection to this, Well? Most people may say they are the best team of Wholesale nfl Jerseys. So, can face such a team in New England on Thursday night, it is great. “

“How can someone know how long I will miss,” Baxley said in an interview, he admitted that these reports made him feel uncomfortable. “Maybe because of my goodness. How can you tell me these schedules? No one (with me) in the doctor’s office, no one has seen my ankle, everyone is different. I think Anderson doctor and Oma Meristan is very important to think is & lsquo; what you treat is patient, not injury. & Rsquo; When I heard this sentence, I will remember … Everyone has these news No one heard I will be absent from 6 to 8 weeks from my mouth. This is meaningless. “

Because of his excellent physical fitness and diligent rehabilitation efforts, Barkel is expected to come back in advance. Buckley, injured in September 22, has determined that it is not possible to play the game of Ming Nicotida. However, he is likely to play on Thursday, at night against the New England Patriots, at least he should participate in the seventh week of Arizona’s red rheina.

Ekole got 49 yards in the 2-stage preseason, completed 4 codes to get 35 yards. His speed and tactical style and excellent ball capability make him play a more important role in the new season. And Jackson completed 13 shots to get 55 yards and 1 time.

In 2019, Gordon who reached $ 5.6 million in 2019 wanted to take a single level of salary. La Potter previously reported that lightning has opened a contract with average salary to reach $ 10 million and is reluctant to continue to increase the annual salary. At present, Gordon has rejected lightning quotation.

As Bakley and their own efforts, he became possible to play against the patriots. At the same time, the giant won the game when he lacks, the game of Washington red skin is also loose. “I know we have a color team,” Bakley said. “Yes, I want to return, but I have to be in the right time, I have to be suitable for me. I will be ready to come.”

Giant runs Bakley: I have never said that I have to lose 6 to 8 weeks.New York Giants Run Saqune – Saquon Barkley has seen two industry famous doctors. The two did not give him a clear recovery schedule for his high ankle twins.

Earlier this week, Gordon said that he “is waiting for a lightning call” in ESPN. I still have to wait more time. But at some time God must report to lightning, otherwise his existing contract will last until 2020. He may be fined by the team due to absence training and preseason.

Lightning Run Wei Melwen – Gordon is expected to continue to absence the regular seasonBeijing August 22, before got the quote from Los Angeles, Melvin Gordon was willing to absence the regular season.

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