Texas people’s head coach quite quarter-off

Listening to Houston Texas people Si Bi Bil-O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) did not prepare Ryan Fitzpatrick to take away from the team’s first quadrant position.

The first served as wholesale nfl jerseys online‘s head coach, so far, the four-defense of the four-defense, but he believed that the team’s performance was unable to reflect a certain position of the team. “Fitz is our first quarter-off,” O’Brien told reporters on Tuesday. He also said: “When you watch our competition video … You can’t just point to a location and say responsibility is here. There are a lot of players who need to have better performance. We have a better coaching level All these different aspects have a relationship. The problem is why there is time our offensive group is stagnant. This is not a person’s problem. “

On the one hand, he is right. Although the Texas people attack on the ball, Fitz Patrick makes his two major goals Andre Johnson and Deandre Hopkins in terms of the number of balls. Double bits 15 before 15. On the other hand, Texas has lost three in this season that is obviously transitional. Fitz Patrick was traveled in parallel with seven passes, but he only got an 8-time talence to balance his copy.

If it is not to improve the attack when the team is most needed, then what is the meaning of the Temple to trade from wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping to the Ryan Mallett? The next schedule includes competitions against Tennezi Titan (2 times), Cleveland wholesale nfl jerseys online Brown, Cincinnati Tiger and wholesale jerseys from china Jacksonville Americas, these games Fitz Patrick can cope with. If this still can’t strengthen his game data, then it may be to consider whether it is worth continuing to stay. “We will continue to work together with them in training, we will pay attention to how they improve,” O’Brien said. “I hope they can get better and better, which will help our attacks have a better performance.”

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