This season’s team is completely different, and the error ratio of -4 is coming from offensive group. In the past 4 games, six mistakes in the past, 2016 season MVP Matt Ryan is the manufacturer of these mistakes.

In 1906, two original organizational & mdash; & mdash; Intercollegiate Rules Committee (Intercollegiate Athletic Association) & mdash; & mdash; meeting in New York, finally agreed to make American football safer The new sphere, including the set of neutral areas between the offensive lines, and at least 7 players must have attendance line arrays, but the most important reform first will push forward to legalization. This racket is very controversial at the time and is tauntful by pure dispatch. In order to make the players more dispersed during the game, Camp proposes to broaden the court; but the Harvard University representative refers to the newly built Harvard Stadium has no expansion, so it adopts the proposal proposal. This racket also established a US football with other football movements that were evolved from rugby.

The football movement in the US colleges and universities has been in early and talented people. In 1876, Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Colombia four universities formed a Rugby League in the United States. The six hundred colleges and universities in the United States are affiliated with 60 football alliances, the most important management organization is the National Collegiate Athletic Association, referred to as NCAA.

The history of American football is derived from the UK’s various early “football” sports popped in mid-term public schools in the middle of the 19th century, which is directly evolved by British football. British football initially passed into North America when the British Army was played in Macques in Montreal, Canada. In November 6, 1869, the Architectural Football Tournament was at the University of Princeton, the final by Rogs University, and finally defeated Princeton & mdash; & mdash; despite the 25 people. The game is not too many aspects of modern American football.

After the TB12 trademark has been applied for the TB12 trademark, Braddy has applied for TB X TB trademark. The application is issued on March 20th, which is officially signed in Braddy and Tampawan piratory.

Tailus Nateton last year, because of the big time to eat a big drink in the rest, he missed the best time to sign the big contract, and finally recruited a year from Washington red skin. This year, he successfully reduced the weight of nearly 30 pounds, and the body was basically returned to the level before the blessing, and the patriot immediately throws olive branches. After some entanglement, Nerton still chooses to leave the Red Leather Join Patriot. He will have a force to enhance the enthusiasm of the patriot in the middle of the road, and will also alleviate the rotation of the patriot defensive front.

Patriot and defensive Tell Tillens – Nateon signatureAccording to wholesale nfl jerseys official website, Ian Rapoport reported that the new England patriots have signed a defensive Tell Tillens Najun, which is a free player on Thursday. It is reported that the two sides signed a contract for a one-year value of 4.5 million US dollars. ESPN first exploded this news.

The origin and history of American footballAmerican football (or American Football) is a variant of British football in the most popular team competitive sports in the United States. The purpose of this movement is to advance the ball into the end of the opponent. There are many score methods. Including the ball over the bottom line, thrown the ball behind the bottom line, or kick the ball on the ground. Middle shot in the column. A team of more than one team in the game time.

In 1920, the American Professional Football Association, APFA was established in Canton, Ohio, and the Legendary Athlete Jim & Middot; Jim Thorpe was elected as president. This organization has 11 teams. In addition to a team outside the Midwest, it is not too like a league, while comparison is an agreement with each other. At the early, APFA members continue to compete with non-Apfa membership team. In 1921, APFA began to list official rankings and renamed National Football League (NFL) in the following year. American football movements have entered the era of rapid development.

In 1882, in order to stop Princeton and Yale University’s delay strategy with “Guests, but not trying to score”, the glossary example of limited offensive opportunities was started. In 1883, under the suggestion of Camp, the number of players on the field was reduced to eleven, and it also regulated 7 people offensive lines, a quadrant guard, two semi-serving and a full-sanitary quotation. Camp was later in April 1925 to attend a rule in Canton, Canton, was unfortunately encountered in a car accident. He did not improve the US rugby rules and made it out of British color. Father of American Football (Father of American Football).On September 3, 1895, the first professional American football match was held in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, from the Jeannette Athletic Club. The result was 11: 0 from Latrobe.

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