Crow Seminar: Mahmus is not too muchPatrick Mahomes renewed in July for 10 years, with a contractual salary of 450 million US dollars, which is the largest contract of the North American Professional Sports Union.

Martin dealer said: “Mahms has mobile, regardless of the first file, the second gear, sometimes the third gear must be defended. With his kind of passing ability, it is absolutely can’t neglect, he Maybe the ball is thrown directly from the stadium to the other side. “

Perhaps the four teams will not all kill the playoffs. However, they all have a strong champion desire to let them be burning their energy in January, and step on the patriot to kill the United States is their ultimate goal.

Patriot Boss Clavite Auction Super Bowl Rings to raise moneyThe new England Patriots Board Robert Kraft Kraft will bid yourself the fifty-first superbell ring to raise money for the “All In Challenge” project, and the payment will be used to provide food for the needs of the needs.

This rule other words, any one unrestricted free agent at or after 17 weeks of training is not on the list of the players are likely to be given a secure future contracts, any team can reserve during this period These players, until the beginning of the 2015 season, that is, the real free market on March 12, 2015.

For steel people, Martavis Bryant banned the end of the offensive group is the greatest assistance. Marshawn Lynch (very likely) and Jared Cook’s joining makes the raid lineup looks a bit unstoppable. Andy Reid is the same as in previous years to find out the filling of the chief, and this time is around the lineup around Alex Smith. It is not much. The wild horse may be the most unlining prospects in this group of teams, not just because they have changed a group of coaches, and the quarter-saving problems still have no final answer. However, their champion-level defensive groups still make them a popular candidate for the playoffs.

Although only 9 games were played in 2017, this Carolina Black Panther took over all the characteristics of the team’s values ​​& mdash; & mdash; agile and skills. Although he had advanced two seasons, it is afraid that it has not reached the value of the 40th position. In this year’s break, cheap jerseys Samuel ushered in the fourth offensive coordinator in his career, and the latter also watched him like the predecessor.

New England patriots reserve and futureThe final end of the regular season means a lot, of which the team can sign some players who are not in the team’s list is the greatest meaning. We all know that the new England patriots always intentionally don’t think about it.

For senior brady, the secret of “young” on the station may not only depend on his own. The patriot provides him with a very depth balloy that has been lacking for a long time. Billichick told the team members to get the superior advantages of the playoffs, but they have been in two consecutive years, and they have avoided the online card. After complementing Gillmore, if you can leave Malcom Butler, then this second-line defense is enough to become the top of the league. Any results below the United States can be seen as failure, this is what we are also the minimum standard of Billichick to draw patriots.

In the super bowl last season, Wilson encountered a copy of the championship at the last moment and gave the championship. This season, he and the Haiying have rebounded in the premiere of the season, and once again become a popularity. After defeating Minnesota, next week, their opponents will be the National Union Conventional Champion Corolina Black Leopard, and their goals are naturally entering a super bowl for the third consecutive year.

Carol said: “We have seen many times, he has this performance today, today he also completed the magical attack. When we are in trouble, he brought us out of the predicament. Winning is also his magic “In a one-end attack, the Hawks have a ball, and Wilson picks up the ball in the first time, and observes the teammates who run out, thereby completing the ball. It is this key attack, laying the foundation for the victory of the Hawks.

“Curtis is critical to our success. I hope that I can have a chance to watch things like training. I can’t wait to see Curtis to play the best level. I think Curtis is an offense. He Compliance with our standards for this offensive system. He is a player you can use to use, “Joe Brady” said. “You will have a good thing after handing the ball to his hand. I think you have seen such a thing last season, showing that he can become an external connector that will be promoted in an open area and then advanced, I will continue to continue. It is excited to achieve progress. I know he wants to make progress. “

New York rebuild the road is still long no hope, veteran Sheldon Richardson and Eric Decker will also like Darrelle Revis as to usher in a cliff-style downturn season? Perhaps the coach Todd Bowles is not willing to admit that the jet is already in the reconstruction process, but the barren roster tells the status quo of each person’s jet. Oh, we haven’t talked about quaditioning, forget it, this problem doesn’t talk.

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