“After the game (the eighth week, the game on the NNs) is completely opposite. Whenever you lose, you know what this will bring this, when you play this performance as a quartz You will get this treatment. I didn’t think teammates no longer support me. I have never had such a feeling in the locker room. “

The national will need four players to replace 49 people, people who will be replaced include: Corner Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), Tiantai Kyle Juszczyk, defensive end Nick Bosa and near-end George – Kitte Kittle. Replacement candidates as: Sea Eagle Griffin, Viking All Guard CJ Ham (CJ Ham), Falcon, Austin Hooper, defensive The location has not been announced.

Eagle or will appoint running guards for coachPhiladelphia eagle needs to find the replacement of Chip Kelly. According to cheap Nfl jerseys from china official website reporters, the eagle is likely to appoint Run STALEY for the new handsome. Stalley was awarded the Alliance in 1997 to 2006, and the Eagle was effective for 7 seasons. In the past five years, he has been working as an eagle as a member of the coach group.

In order to replace a chief member that needs to prepare a superbown, the United States will recommend five people. Titan’s four-point guards, Ryan Tannehill, will be replaced by Patrick Mahomes, defensive cuts Jurrell Casey instead of Chris Jones. . Ji. J. J. CHARK replaces Tyreek Hill, defensive Dragon Yes Allen (Josh Allen) fails to Frank Clark vacancies. Finally, Jack Doyle will be played instead of Travis Kelce.

3, Trent Richardson, running guard / Brown, has signed a contract with the raid 2 years. After being traded by Brown to the Pony, the snap-off period was contracted by the horses after the horses were contracting a 2-year contract. Can you save your career here.

Cowboy and Line Weiwei – Li Guan Group ContractBeijing March 10, US Time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, denim sean lee restructuring contract. The bottom salary of Lee next game changed to $ 3.5 million, and after the incentive bonus, the salary was up to $ 7 million.

Offense Coordinator Dowell Loggain deny Katler’s pre-preparation lead to the team’s conversation. After the bear is burst into the cold, Logez said to the reporter to inspire the entire team after the injury of the thumb, 5 weeks, backwards.

On Monday, some media reports pointed out that two anonymous bear players revealed that most teammates did no longer support Carterler through SMS. One of them said that Katler lacks in front of the team 10-36, the lack of preparation before the Tampawan pirates, “is really awkward.”

However, Li still hopes to make another year. At present, however, how to arrange his role is still unknown. Originally, the cowboy can be cut off his salary space by cutting him, but they would rather let the old will leave. This is probably brought back to the close of Jason Witten, and even the reason for paying five million US dollars. Cowboy management is loyal and human emotions, I don’t know if it is bad.

Trufte was cut by falcon, he was the first round show in 2013, which was selected in 2015. The injury is not small to him. Due to the forearm fracture last season, Tronte only went 9 games, but still completed 4 cases before this.

The lion will sign a contract with the corner Truste.US time on Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, the lions will sign the DESMOND TRUFANT Trufant, and the contract salary is $ 21 million, including $ 14 million security.

2012 first round show fifth year option execution or notThe first round of the first round of the 2012 first round show will be the deadline for execution, let us take a look at the choices of each team. The first round of rookie contracts The fifth option is when the four-year rookie contract is implemented, the team has the right to extend one year. The contract amount is that the top 10 in the top 10 is the average of the top 10 players with the highest wages, and the 11-32 grade is the average of the highest level of wages. If the player is injured, the fifth year option is fully guaranteed.

Choosing Stalley also existed, he also touched the contradiction between Demarco Murray and Kelly. As one of the most familiar people in the team, Stalley has the ability to re-excite Murray and change the eagle’s existing ground offensive. Relevant persons revealed that this appointment is not a temporary exchange, Stalley has a chance to serve as a long-term coach.

Previously, the eagle owner Jeffrey Lurie said that I hope to find a good relationship with the player and can control the new coach in the dressing room. He revealed that the team will excavate inside, allowing the original coaching group members to serve as new handsome. At present, Stalley seems to be the appropriate candidate.

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