The Auckland raids defended Did Edge Carrier Mac Mack help the team from the first time since 2002, I ranked first in the Melase West. He killed 2 times in the game of victory in Denver’s wild horse, helping the team to lock the victory.

“To say that the system is adapted, I think there is no more perfect detailed in the free market. His passage tips, start adjustment when the ball is very difficult. & Hellip; & hellip; he not only skills, also know How to use it. My favorite is that as a player, Jack is not learning new knowledge. I look forward to studying with him, see what adjustment, help him. “

After winning the resort, the Falcon took the initiative to take the initiative in the National Liannan District, and they gave a second new Orleans saints. The performance of the Ryan this season may be a career best & mdash; & mdash; it may give him the most valuable player. The gameplay is another step in him takes to this award.

“This is the meaning of the privileged label,” Gaun said. “Why do we do this reason, we hope and intend to continue to consult with the contract. This is a negotiation, it is a process. This is a for both sides, for the player, for the team for a long time and short term Can accept the contract. Our plan is still signed a long time. “

Dallas’ denim is sloppy this season, in addition to the consistent strong offensive line injuries, defensive second-line mediocre performance is difficult to blame. As of the 12th week, the cowboy defensive second line only contributed 6 cases, and the 25th place in the league; the average transfer rate of the opponent reached 63.9%, and such performance is also the level of the league. Fortunately, a few external hands are not agreed, and the performance is also unconventional. Can you limit the ball attack of the opponent, will be the spoon of cowboy.

After this first attack, the giant team called Tom Coughlin decisive a pause and re-arranged the attacked behind. After returning to the four attacks after the game, the giant team took over PLAXICO BURRESS to receive the Eli Manning, 17-14, the giant team successfully won the 42nd super bowl, and this also Become a game that the Patriot team lost in the 2007 season. Winning a championship, declaring the destruction!

Set with NBA Shuai Tom Jorovich, “Never underestimate a championship”, the team who is in the super bowl does not want to win. The 36th super bowl of 2002, the new England patriots successfully closed the top, and made Tom Brady and his patriot dynasty. Six years later, the New York Giarman stood in the end of the super bowl of the game under the leader of Eli Manning, and the winner was still black horses, and Eli Manning is still black horses. In this war, the two wins on the 46th Super Bowl of the 46th Super Bowl made his title of “Bradyk Star”.

Previously, there was a huge difference between the long negotiation between Claien and Texas and the team seem to be willing to let him only have a privilege label contract to play the new season. Brian Gaine Brian Gaine said that both sides were still trying to finalize the new contract before the deadline on July 15.

The United States of America’s best defensive player award belongs to Tennesi Titan Safety Wei Kaiwen – Byard. Byd got 2 copies in the team’s 15-10 defeated Jacksonville American Tiger, the second time I got 10 seconds in the game, Titan’s lock will be locked. This victory made Titan have entered the playoffs since January 2009.

Atlant Bryter Kicks Hand Matt Bryant is the Best Technical Group Player of China. Bryante is all 5 years old, helping the Falcon 22-10 to overcome the Carolina Black Leopard. This victory helped false championships.

When the competition is 1 minute and 15 seconds, it will end, in the face of the disadvantage of the 3-speed 5 yard, Eli Manning needs to get a new first attack at the 44 yard of this party. So he was arranged in a tactic called “76 Union Y Sail” while arranging an outer hand standing into a bullet. In the moment after the kick, the giant’s offensive front line has been greatly stressed, while Eli Manning has facing huge pressure cheap nfl jerseys from china the Patriots defensive Frontline Richard Seymour, Jarvis Green and wire hypothy Adalius Thomas. When Green seymour slammed his jersey from Manning while grabbing manning shoulders, he wanted to try to pull him to complete a murder. Although Manning made a decline in the body, he can only force the 34-yard line area to force the patriot defense. The patriot line guards Mike Vrabel and Junior Seau still did not give up murder Manning, but Manning has passed the ball out when the two will hit him, and the ball will go out to go out & hellip; & hellip; and afterwards, we know the things. .

General Manager of Texas: Still planning and punching the handkerchiefBeijing April 20th, Houston Texas plays a privileged label for Jatevepon Clowney, to ensure that this rushing hand can stay in the 2019 season. But after that, no one can know exactly.

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