Gearotic Motion V 4 7 127


Gearotic Motion V 4 7 127

The goal of Gearotic is to bring the gear head designer back to what they were originally intended to do, make gears. This is the foundation of the project and the foundation of my philosophy. Currently the site is at and its documentation is on making it easy for new users to use. I’m working on a site redesign that will make it simple and easy to use. Also, the site is being hosted on SiteGround for the next couple months, looking forward to a better user experience.

Download Gearotic Motion – Gearotic has many enhancements over Mach3 including split mode, adjustable gear types, visualization and more. Most people can create gear sets themselves through Mach3 but Gearotic allows for more in depth customization. It is a very professional program, and if you were a professional gear maker and you were looking for a way to set up your favorite gear templates and allow them to be repurposed for machining, this is the program you want to use. It’s always updated with bug fixes and new features.

Gearotic Plugin – With the Gearotic Plugin you can create gadgets, apparatuses, utility fixtures, signs, or anything that will require a gear head mechanism in a non-traditional shape. There is a wide range of possibilities for the user, in both design and functionality, and the plugin allows for that in a very easy to understand manner. The plugin may seem complex at first, but it is quite simple to learn and utilize.

Gearotic Gear – Gearotic Gear is a simple application to make gears of any shape. I’ve created the tools to make a gear of any size and gear ratio in this program. This allows the user to create exotic gears that are completely custom to the user. This is a free download that will require registration so please download early and read the instructions.

gearoticis a cad/cam 3d software package aimed to assist with your geared mechanical creations. it was primarily designed as a gear template generator, but developed into a utility package we hope youll find useful.gearoticwill generate gears individually or combine them to create a moving gear train. software allows you to simulate, animate, create toolpaths for cnc mode or iexport as 3d models. inside, youll find a variety of gear types such as spur, cage, non circular, planetary gears, sprocket, timing pulley, bevel, root blower, geneva, racks, escapements and more. our spur gears may be done in a helical or bevel form which can then be outputed in straight, helix or zerol formats. these outputs include stl files for 3d printing, 2d dxf format for most cad programs, 1:1 scale printouts for woodworking patterns or g-code for cnc users.
gearotic motion has grown over the years into multiple stand alone software programs. all of these programs require a personal computer or laptop to operate effectively. usually the faster/newer they are, likely the faster and better things will work for you too, always suggested you try the demo first.moving forward, as always, gearotic motion aims to assist anyone with geared mechanical questions or ideas, all support and workshops is done from the above posted link of our gear head corner forum.
gearotic is a cad/cam software tool for gear cutting, machine carving, and wire edm. gearotic allows you to create toolpaths for cutting gears from a dxf file, or cut gears directly from a dxf file. it also provides a dxf plotter interface for printing toolpaths. a preview window is provided to show the placement of the cut toolpath as you place the workpiece on the worktable. the preview window includes an overlay that shows the cutting path and the names of the cutters. you can cut over 100 gears simultaneously.

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