After receiving the case of the case, Whitna issued the twice: “I love you Cleveland, my plan is a different city, because they are playing money games, they should do this when they open! But Please believe that I will come back! “Obviously Whitner is very angry for being attracted by it.

The current ball of red skin is relatively complete, the team has experienced Destan Jackson and Pierre Garcon, two-year-old Game, Mamisen-Claude ( Jamison Crowder, as well as Jordan Reed, which is good at catching. Red skin still hopes to sign a deeper depth of a good quality and affordable.

Whitner grew up in Cleveland, the university spent the State in Ohio, he first sent 14 games last season, Brown recruited him in 2014, before 49 people and Buffalo Bill in San Francisco. In 2014, Baotna won the honor of professional bowl, but the performance of the last season.

Petis played 30 strategic attacks in the game competition, which is more due to teammation Emmanuel Sanders to leave in advance. His bolus is at especially letting the Salunan are dissatisfied. In the overtime, 49 people used three passes to attack but no success, and eventually let the Hawks have the opportunity to win the game.

It is the team’s number one is the head of the team. Karlos Dansby, and the career bowl of central Airex Mark (Alex Mack), external walking Travis – Benjamin (Travis Benjamin), etc., obviously Brown lineup is still going on.

At the time of this injury, when Romo was preparing to slap the mission, the back of the red skin is shocked, because his back is just over-surgery, then Luo There was no movement after the ground until a few teams helped him into the locker room. This scene made the fans had to pinch a cold, then substitute the four-point Weeden, the Brandom Weeden.

Although this award and the most valuable players we often have heard, the most valuable players (Associated Press & # 39; MVP) are different, but many voters among them will also participate in the IPA. The most valuable player selection results of the Associated Press will be announced on the eve of the super bowl.

In 2018, the second round of the show, Salunam made 49 people to pick Pestis in his rookie season, and he used the 5th game of the season in 5 games in the season, and the performance returned to trust.

Old will take external hand Bolding will visit Hongki

According to the Cheap nfl Jerseys from China official website, the old will take over to Akun – Anquan Boldin will go to Washington in Washington on Tuesday. Bolding is not going well after entering the free market, and has not been able to find satisfactory work.

Rogers elected the most valuable players of the whole American professional football writer

The Green Bay Packaging Team Quarter Wei Alon Rogers was rated as the most valuable player of the whole American professional football writer (Pro Football Writers of America & # 39; s MVP).

Although Bolding has been 35 years old, it is no longer a one-on-one to get rid of defensive ability, but he still has the ability to contribute to the team. He is tall, strong arm, is willing to fight against defensive players, which helps him to complete the key. Last season, Bolden squatted 69 times, promoted 789 yards with 4 times. The previous two seasons have broken through a thousand yards.

The above content has not mentioned how serious the injury of Harva is, but the team is sure to look at the results. Because the Haiying team just gave Harva in a 67 million contracts last season. He missed most of the game last season because of injuries. Harvin has always prayed that he can return to the stadium, and he has missed 21 regular competitions in the last two seasons.

“I think he didn’t seize the opportunity,” said Salunan. “We will see how this week is. Dante has the ability. But we are waiting for him to honor and then continue to play, and seize some opportunities he got.”

But this performance has not continued until the second grade season. Although all the games are currently played, including 4 start, Petis only completed 109 yards 2 times. His best game is a 20 yard of the 20 yards of the 20 yards when they completed 4 batches when they were torizburg. The 24-year-old did not have a game in the season than 45 yards, and he didn’t have a boller in 3 games.

Sea Eagle Harva is suffering from the disease, the fear, regular season, reimbursement

Seattle Hawie’s star took over Percy Harvin injured in the training camp, which was injured in the training camp in the second year.

ESPN reporter reported: “Hawks Training Camp: Pelti – Harva’s foot leaves.” Seattle Times reporter Twice wrote: Percy Harvin is injured after I finished a pass, and he climbs up and wholesale jerseys walks to the field. It is now guarded him by the staff of the training camp.

In the game game against the Seattle Hawks, Petis has a poor performance. He was passed away 3 times, did not complete a ball, including 1 shot of the overtime game. 49 people coach Kel-Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan) expressed the disappointment of Petis performance.

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