Mike is still very far from the career, but this does not mean that his urgency is pretended. The bear team advanced from the season last season, and Mike worried that he would be considered to be a prostitute for team effectiveness in an important moment.

This year, Riyapola.Com Thomas is 31 years old. She has had the opportunity to be traded to Denver wild horses. Although Thomas will not take the initiative to be traded, no one can ensure that there will be transactions, but Brown fans know at least Thomas’s position, he is love Cleveland.

Mike knows to achieve his winning goal, he needs a similar mentality. “This is the most important,” Mike said. “The most important thing in the competition is that everyone around you is excellent, not all of myself.”

Vic said: “We need to recognize their own inadequacies, perhaps the problem lies in the missed tackles, it could be a problem of communication between teammates first of all we need to do yourself, every stall are doing all they..”

The question now left to the giant’s new coach is how to deal with the disappointing current left-offs, Erke Flowers. Giants may try to let him change right, maybe it may be traded or cut him before the season.

According to informed people, the giants will sign the front of the new England patriots left offster – Soder. The two sides will sign a 4-year contract, the contract is worth 62 million, including $ 3.49 million security income. His average annual salary will reach 15.5 million US dollars, which makes him the highest offensive front line player with the union salary.

Declined down due to quadrants. Is the patriot to panic? Maybe it may be used. In July, there were probably many patriot fans who told you that the patriot can take 2-2 in Brady’s absence. The worst now is alright. According to NFL NetWork Ian Rapport, Jimmy G may have not been able to start the game, then who will be the replacement of the new Xiu No.3 quartzette Jacoby Brissett? MICHAEL VICK? TIM TEBOW? Can I nominate Johnny Football? If Bill Belichick can change the career of this goods, Belichick can lock the seat of NFL’s best coach, but………………………………..

Steelman quarterville: will focus out to take over Schthzite

After Antonio Brown left the team, the outer juju smith-schuster knew that he would have more attention in his opponent in this season. Now he also needs to respond to the impact of the team to replace the quartz. The result is his data fell.

Cameron – Vic: Dolphins defensive slump will not last

Miami Dolphins defensive group in recent weeks was a bit sluggish, especially in terms of anti-ran. Over the past three games, they lost a few yards of single-game road more than 180 yards, averaging 220.3 yards reached. Defensive end Cameron – Vic (Cameron Wake) sound this week, he said the team’s defense needs to get back the previous state this week to be a strong rebound.

Vic said: “I do know that we recently ran poorly in terms of prevention, earlier in the season, we are not such that we now seem a little disoriented, we need to perform better, I believe we can get back. feeling. “in fact, not just anti-run, dolphin performance in other areas also fell. Vic and Olivier – a combination of Vernon (Olivier Vernon) short-term efficiency in general. Over the past three weeks, the team only scored four sacks.

After the foregoing management continues to ignore the offensive front line problem, Dave Gettleman, general manager of Giants, needs to solve this problem. After the Norwell (Andrew Norwell) failed, Gatman signed the best left truncation in the market.

High quality defensive and high efficiency rookie will never fall in this list. In the past two games, Texas only made the opponent’s 26 points, and the new show Will Fuller believes in 100 yards. Oh! I almost forgot that Texas has won the number of winners of the remaining teams in the United States.

The giant has taken great expensive this time, but Sodell’s arrival quickly upgraded their attack front line. Sodel is the best left truncation in the free player market and may be the only person worthy of a contract.

The rickets have completed the bottom-up rebound after last week, and the pirates were repaired in the first half. DREW Stanton has played a lot of junk time. The battle between this “Red Corps”: The red black sent a five mistakes to the red white, and the red white general Carson Palmer was mechanized each passing 10 yards. After losing the patriot of the four-point guard last week, the patron players on the training ground were serious, and now they can finally be breathable.

In the four seasons of Mike for raids, the raids have only achieved more than one season. Last season Mike entered the playoffs for the second time. However, the team that Mike is effective is lost in the 2 playoffs.

Listening, this team is the strongest team of NFL. The first two rounds have won the two partitions of the 2015 season, and Le & # 39; Veon Bell is still in the ban. Out of attack, perhaps, I have to send a small red flower for their two consecutive defensive outputs. Although the Tiger has successfully brushed 400 yards on Sunday, the Keith Bulter’s defensive group then allows the slope to be three-stop. What if the fourth week of Bell returns? Perhaps only two types of people will do not want to see the first running guards in the course, can lead the steel person to continue to fierce: Mei Lian’s other teams and players (such as me) of Deangelo Williams (for example) in Fantasy (WIL).

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