After the new Xiu Near Hengant Henry, the rumors about Gats return to lightning have been existed, but it will become a reality now. Gates and Philip Rivers have already had a tacit understanding, and they should not be surprising that he is unveiling in the unveiled battle.

Stein Berg will use the word “dream” because he knows that returning cheap nfl jerseys from china needs counterflow. Yang did not play a regular season after 2011. That year he passed 4 times and 9 cases. After Yang also tried in Bill, packwork and Brown, but only played in the preseason.

Emirates: Run Wenda Men – Williams Over the pastThe Chief of Kansas City was selected in the first round of this year’s first round, EDWARDS-HELAIRE. This allows the outside world to guess the original starting Jogan Men – Willian Williams in the future of the team.

Although the crow still needs to decide which privileged label for the specific location of the crow is still necessary to determine the privileged label of the specific location. The privileged label of the external guard is $ 16.3 million, and the defensive end of the privileged tag value is $ 19.3 million. But in any case, only 30 million US dollars in the salary space, using the privileged label means that the team will decrease in the free player market.

“When he performs a lot, his level helps us cross the difficulties in some games & mdash; & mdash; obviously helped us win the super bowl of champion.” Macquard said. “I just listened to Mien talking about my own way, what we are doing now, he can see that his maturity will make him huge in this attack in order to raise things.

The team officially announced the defensive end of DAESHON HALL (knees) into the injury reserves, in order to fill the big list vacancies, they promote the safety Wei Dai Diesman from the training lineup (DEZMEN SOUTHWARD) .

In the NFL integrated investment camp in last month, General Manager Eric Decosta refused to explain the privilege label for Zhu Dong. At that time, he also said that the team did want to have a long time to sign Zhu Dong.

Crow on defensive end Matthew – Zhu Dong uses privileged player labelOn March 14th, the Baltimore Crow Friday officially used the privileged player label on the defensive end Matthew – Matthew Judon, which would prevent him from entering the free player market.

In the emirate, Deland McCulough, Williams is an excellent running guard. He said that the latter believed that Edwaj Lair was joined the team as a “competitor”, but this would not stop Williams from continuing progress in their familiar attacks.

Previously, the Spring Alliance had expressed interest in Yang, which also attracted others. But the road to NFL in the spring is not far from afar. Yang, a 33-year-old, is likely to have already finished the last NFL game, but he is not willing to give up.

“For the career, I want to get a long to get a long,” Zhu Dong said in an interview. “The fact is this. I think this is what we want to get when many players are about to enter the free player market. Eventually, I know that I will be playing in next season.”

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