Beckham has been hurt by the legs!If we also need to take over the New York Giants, Odell Beckham’s rookie season, find a reason why we surprised, that is, he has encountered two thigh muscles to tear throughout the season.

Sherman: I do not answer questions naiveOn Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks team held a press conference before the Super Bowl. Cornerback Richard – Sherman (Richard Sherman) attended the press conference, but he seems to be due to some media questions and feel unpleasant. One question is: Sherman and Darrell – Revis (Darrelle Revis) who is the league’s best cornerback.

Message: Greg – Hardi and Cowboy Signing It seems that some people think that Corolina Black Leopard’s defensive end Greg Hardy is worth another chance. The cheap nfl Jerseys from china‘s 5 years will ablate all the competitions in the season in the 2014 season, because of the riot case.

There have been contradictions between the two, and the two have conflict in words. At Monday, the Norman Cashed Newton’s pass, and the Newton pushed in Norman face during the attack, and the two were conflicted.

Hardi belongs to the players who started from the bottom. He started 39 games in the 2011-2013 season. He has strong rushing ability, in his 63 game for the black panther, he completed 34 times. He became one of the best four-point killer in the alliance.

With the insufficient evidence and the allegation of the emission, Hardy’s case ended. He also has the opportunity to return to the court again. Recently, some people have opened a door for him, Dallas Cowboys gave a contract for 1 year worth 13 million in US Time on Wednesday, allowing us of the sixth round draft player to continue playing.

Beckham said: “I have never been in a full-healthy state in this season. I can only try to take care of my body and play the level of the ability to play.” It is reported that the two tear muscles are used separately To support the muscles of the semi-tendom muscle and abdomen, the first tear occurred in the early days of last year’s training camp, and the second tear followed by a few weeks, and the two tears affected Baker. The initial start of the Ham season. To this end, Beckham will concentrate on the racing season, so that it can be dragged behind the injury when the next season begins.

For this problem, Sherman said: “I do not like to take my game to compare with anyone, I can not allow this issue to give you a satisfactory answer my game just about myself, and do not exist. & lsquo; a particular player & rsquo; competition between “followed by a question apparently so more unhappy Sherman, a reporter asked:” Do you still think he is the best cornerback in the league. “?

Do not know for confident or disdain, Sherman before answering pause for a moment, then said:. “I will not answer this question naive if you want to continue the dialogue and I wanted something more advanced, more meaningful issues now. “this is Sherman, I believe he will give the answer in the Super Bowl.

I have learned a lot of lessons and I have re-examined how I will teach my son in the future. But in the deep heart, I always believe that if there is no parent and relatives to my discipline, I will become a part of the child lost in street life. I always believe that my parents teach my way and have a big relationship with my adult. I love my son and I will continue to be a better father, learn from any mistakes I am committed to absorb lessons.

I voluntarily spent a few weeks ago to give birth to all the questions they put forward. Before I attended the big tricks, I accepted the investigation of two different police officers without a lawyer. In each investigation, I said the same content, that is, I have never hurt my son. If I want to appear in court, I will also say the same.

I have to accept the fact that when I use my own childhood to treat my son, I will hurt him, I have never thought that he never thought that he would hurt. I know that many people do not agree with me to educate their children. After meeting with a psychologist, I also learned that there are many more suitable methods of taught children.

My lawyer has asked me not to discuss the fact details of the case. I hope that you can respect this request and help me follow it. I very much hope that the public can listen to my thoughts but I understand that it is not appropriate to talk about these details now. However, I hope everyone can understand how much I brought to my child is how sorry.

I am not a perfect son. I am not a perfect husband. I am not a perfect father, but there is no doubt that I am not a child. I am a person who taught myself and never wants him to hurt. No one can understand that I feel painful for my son and my harm to him. My goal is to always tell my son right from wrong and that’s what I want to do in the day.

I never want the team, Minnesota local community or my teammates. I have never thought that I would be in the world to judge my parents or call my child’s position because I have a manuscript of my son.

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