“This is very important,” Smith Shuste is expressed in an interview. “There are some new people in the team. I am in the team. I stayed around them. I have been watching me to play. I only care about the team. I only care about us. We are here only for one reason “

“I told them this idea and ask them, & lsquo; what do you do? & Rsquo;” Botos said. Arom is great. He said, & lsquo; don’t try to pass directly to the ball directly. & Rsquo; this is what I have to learn. “

At the same time, Parm told him to know more about teammates. “Carson is very good. He is very relaxing, he is an incredible quadrant-defense and leader,” Botos said. He said a similar experience. He said, & lsquo; continuing to establish a tacit understanding and chemical reaction with your teammates. “

“He realized that Yash-Gordon made the team better and understood that he would need some attention,” Dalington said. “Josh-Gordi occasion and Tom-Breddy also have Jiciser to eat together because Tom recognize that he needs to let him join, take care of him, let him feel like a family, understand some of the questions of Yish Gordon experience “

Both players were affected by injuries last season. It is considered one of the league’s top right tackle last season due to a back injury Schwartz missed 10 games. He recently underwent back surgery and said he plans to return next season. However, the offensive line players, back injury might end his career. So Schwartz final decision to retire is not impossible. Fisher is torn Achilles tendon in last season’s American League Championship Series.

As a 2013 draft pick Derek Fisher entire career to date at the Emirates have spent for the team starting 113 games, twice selected to the Pro Bowl, the most recent one that is in season. Chiefs cut him to make savings of $ 11.968 million salary space, just bear US $ 3.18 million redundant space.

The Pittsburgh steel man took place after attending the fans in the weekend, returning to the training, but participating in training is not a fresh thing for him. In fact, he participated in each voluntary training during the offset period, and he hopes to take this opportunity to become an example of his own hands-on teammates.

The recently received galhat from the injury of the groin has not been out of the field since the seventh week. With only 88th files Cheap nfl jerseys From China the whole season, the powerful running guard has been stealth throughout the season, and the total scorpion 67 times only 88 yards.

After played for the Cleveland Browns four years, Schwartz joined the chiefs and to the team for five seasons. Although generally left tackle will attract most of the attention, Schwartz proved equally important for the team in a good performance on the right side. He selected the best team in the 2018 season. Chiefs cut him to make savings of $ 6.255 million salary space.

Jidi Dai Dao Quan: Chief @ 德州 人 (Team injury)Houston Texas received less influence this season. The main running Weve Ali An – Foster just hurts and then hurts the reunion to make a lot of fans. This has been played for 7 years in Houston, only two seasons stay full of full-quality, and his injury is hard to return to the team. Last season, the champion of the championed Jianjadvian-Claien reimbursement, let Texas people are very disappointed. He played the victory of returning to the stadium this season, but in the final end of the regular season, he was absent from the competition again because of the injury, and he won the quota of the playoffs in Texas. Crawn will return to the outside. This will be a great good news for the Texas Defense Group. The most fascinating Temple fans is the hand injury of J.J Watt, in order to enable the team to advance the playoffs, Watt is still injured after the hand fracture. However, due to the influence of fractures, Watt’s play has also been greatly limited. In the last round of the regular season, Watt took the protection of the hand and won 3 times, and the state was very good. Healthy Watt will still be the defensive beast that people are afraid. After returning to the Texas offensive group, the excellent starting quarter-offs in the season two times in the season, and were banned from the governing, and the final game was completed, but the status is flat. If you take this state to the powerful chief defensive group, the Texas will be fierce.

Last year, Botos passed a 4428 yard 35 times, and ranked seventh and parallelism of the League of League. Unfortunately, his success rate is only 58.6% (the union ranks second) and has 18 pass, and the league is first. Therefore, Rogers’ suggestion is of course useful, Botos seems to have problems in passing the ball choice.

After the 2014 holiday period, Gelhad was designated by the America to be the main running guard. But last season has been chaotic, Gelhad only rushed out of 326 yards, and the average of 3.2 yards per shock. After picking T. J. Yeldon this year, it is obvious that they are ready to give up Galhart.

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