[I, olive] I am Li Yaan, I will continue my rugby dream in the city of Shang Shang

Hello everyone, my name is Li Yaan, is a steel pipe business dealer, in fact, most of the time is moving steel pipe & hellip;

“Extremely, extremely destructive power,” Pirate Coach Tek-Côteustebizteli said last season. “Our scouts have spent a few weeks to study their opponents. They told me that Donald and JJ-Watt were the same level of players. It is very unbelievable to me, and when I see the game video. I realized He is really a level! I am saying that last season is brilliant, he is definitely a game terminator. “

From the first time I put on the equipment training, I now become a newcomer instructor in the team, Li Xue in the teammate (Li Yaan is the most bull x learning committee “, I was infected by the passion of the movement of rugby. The team’s atmosphere is touched, more grateful to be fortunate to train, competition with Wenzhou Red Deer.

We not only put a football flag called Wenzhou Red deer not only in the land of Wenzhou, but also successfully held the only national B-level event in Wenzhou Sports Center, so that more people can close Feel the charm of football.

Saint-Junwei Ingeram plans to come back in the seventh week

The Northern Mark Ingram is 6.0 yards, and this data leads all the affiliates. At present, the attack group of the saints is always difficult to play a wonderful attack, but also lack the strength of the super performance, the team is looking forward to Engaged to the team at the 7th week.

The domestic football development is still in the starting stage. Whether it is a public cognition, or the development of rugby training equipment is almost half a blank, in order to get a better training effect, what training equipment is needed, Maybe this is the best help for the rugby!

Chris Harris is one of the top corner guards of wholesale nfl jerseys, and selection of professional bowls for two consecutive seasons. However, in December last year, the rugby world will run the junction of the route tortured him. 13 shots will take the 147 yards and add 2 to 2 to the line, all are single-handed Harris.

In addition, Titan also announced that the two-wheeled Show offense cut off Dillon Radunz, four-wheeled Show, Gerdz-Fitzpatrick, six-wheeled Xiuyan-McMath (Racey McMath) Sign up with the six-round Show Safety Weights BRADY BREEZE.

Griffin is 33 years old this year, and it was originally a four-wheeled show in Weijing in 2010. After Griffin’s effectiveness in Viking, a total of 74.5 times, the ranking team history seventh. He has been selected for professional bowls in the four-scale, of which the 2015-2017 three seasons are continuously selected.

Currently, the Saint’s Runwarer combination is Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas, although the two of the two have reached 5.2 yards, but it is difficult to stage long-distance attack. In the past three weeks, the attack of the saints encountered many difficulties, and the players were difficult to form contact. In the early season, England’s performance did not lose any of the league, and the team had a lot of expectations. If everything goes well, he will return to the near future and will strive to continue to break out this season.

“This is the best and best confrontation, then he won” Harris admitted. “I haven’t lost two more than a game for a long time & hellip; & hellip; he is very good. Now he is the best external hand of the league.”

Previously, Engram himself revealed in an interview and will be repeated in the 7th week of the Lion’s game. But at present, he also requires a strict examination to the injured thumb to ensure that the fingers can accept high-strength competitions. Saints coach groups and related staff will finalize the backlight time of Enguga according to the test results.

Viking people retracted rushing hands Ephson Griffin

US Time Monday, Minnesota Weijin officially announced that it is re-signed with the elderly Everson Griffeen. Not announced before the contract details.

Caleb Farley and Titan signed a four-year rookie contract, with a total salary of 134.95 million US dollars. Falue is a better market in the election, but the back surgery in March makes him decline. Finally, until 22nd, the firius was selected by Titan.

For a long time, Peterson is considered to be wholesale nfl Jerseys‘s most talented defensive guard. But before the last season, many people believe that Peterson can stabilize the selection of professional bowls because of his famous arrogance. After successful loss last season and controls the condition of diabetes, Peterson finally showed the quality of top corner guards in the 2015 season. As the most unlatable silence of NFL, Peterson is only 45.6, and the average 18.9 file offense will make the opponent to complete the ball, two data lead the League Guard.

The Leopard of the Black Panther is more than the league, and Luke-Chique is the core power of the line guard. With terrorist sports talents and quickly reading the game, he faces the charting speed of pavement attack and the horizon of the face of the air blows in the past 50 years. If there is no Feng-Miller super bowl, we discuss how the Chuckley will dominate the race.

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