The eagle announced that the old man will take the outside of MilesPhiladelphia Eagle abandoned the old Miles Austin in last week, enabling Jonathan Krause. Jonathan Krause. Local time Monday, the team announced that it was trust of Austin.

That is to say, most of the returning is in the area of ​​20-30 yards, so we have reason to believe that the next link can ensure that every team is 25 yards, but also reduces injuries, of course Also included with some of the chances of extremely low attacks.

Kuria is the second round show in 2016, and Den Pees, the current defensive coordinator of Titan, was in the crow. He will join the lead in Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan. Harold Landry, which is hoped by the team, is currently the treatment of ankle injury.

The severity of injuries is unknown, but the Jones played the audience on the black panther, 5 times, 64 yards, the falcon will win with 31-24. In the face of the saints, it is not known, but Jones has always performed in the same way, and the career is in the past eight years to catch a total of 760 codes and 3 batches.

Austin has become the experience of the league players Cheap Jerseys From China the superstar. He spent eight seasons in Dallas denim, followed by Cleveland Brown and the eagle. In the last week’s game, there are seven ways to take over the player’s list of eagles, this is not a good sign. Kelly tried to give young players more opportunities, including this year’s first round of new Xiu Nelson, but he still did not complete the ball in the game.

This season, false injuries is like tide: this week’s injury reserves, in addition to professional bowls, Safety Weikunu-Nier, Di Dion Jones, guard petriard – Andre Levitre also has a name. In addition, the DEVONTA FREEMAN is troubled by the knee injury and is expected to absent.

On Wednesday, the United States time, the alliance has introduced a new rule if the ball bottoms, the ball can start attack at the 25-yard line, and the revision of this rule is immediately questioned, some people think that it can kick the ball can kick the ball. Some close some forced back to attack hands have to be attacked.

Austin, a 31-year-old Austin, has been consistent with a contract worth $ 2.3 million in March this year. In the past 4 weeks, he only took 1 time and advanced 12 yards. This move can be seen as the first step in Qip Kelly attempt to make a buzzer, and the eagle may increase the proportion of ground offensive in the future and continue to speed up the rhythm.

However, bad weather is good for patriots, but Braddy is 42 wins at a temperature below 42 degrees Celsius, while Manning is only 8 wins and 11 losses. If the patriot wants to occupy the home advantage in the playoffs, this scene is almost their only opportunity to the wild horses.

At this Friday, the national weather center preview may have rain, and the wind speed is 15 miles per hour to 35 miles, and the temperature will be below 4 degrees Celsius. The two teams have met the disturbance of the wind last year, but also lead to struggle and eventually lost the game, so many people think that the Patriot will occupy a day, but the patriot coach Bill Billy Bill Bellichick is not a cold for weather forecast.

Cameron – Vic: Dolphins defensive slump will not lastMiami Dolphins defensive group in recent weeks was a bit sluggish, especially in terms of anti-ran. Over the past three games, they lost a few yards of single-game road more than 180 yards, averaging 220.3 yards reached. Defensive end Cameron – Vic (Cameron Wake) sound this week, he said the team’s defense needs to get back the previous state this week to be a strong rebound.

Vic said: “We need to recognize their own inadequacies, perhaps the problem lies in the missed tackles, it could be a problem of communication between teammates first of all we need to do yourself, every stall are doing all they..”

Billycy claims that these reports are not based, the weather in the New England region will change their faces at any time, and the weather forecasts in advance are not reliable. He said: “Review this year’s day weather forecast, it is basically not right. It will be rained last week who said that the game will be rained. As a result, I didn’t see it, I saw it. There is water on the table of the drink. “

Vic said: “I do know that we recently ran poorly in terms of prevention, earlier in the season, we are not such that we now seem a little disoriented, we need to perform better, I believe we can get back. feeling. “in fact, not just anti-run, dolphin performance in other areas also fell. Vic and Olivier – a combination of Vernon (Olivier Vernon) short-term efficiency in general. Over the past three weeks, the team only scored four sacks.

The war of patriots and wild horses may be affected by windThis Sunday New England Patriot will meet Danfo Yam at home, which is Tom Brady and PEYTON Manning this to the 16th pair of old opponents. However, from the weather forecast, the weather in Fugksburg, the game may have a small impact on the game.

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