The two teams have a new crown case patriot to the over-theirate competition.

Since both teams appear in the case of player new crown virus detection as positive, NFL announced that the New England Patriots will be postponed for the fourth week of the Dragona Castel.

“Because the two teams appear new crown positive test results, the new England held in the eastern time on Sunday, 4:25 pm, will be held to Monday or Tuesday, and the Alliance is in the statement. “In consulting infectious disease experts, the two teams and NFL and nfl jerseys players work closely to assess multiple close contacts, conduct additional virus detection and monitoring the development. All decisions will be players, teams and wholesale jerseys games The health and safety of the staff as the main starting point. “

The patriot will release a statement saying: “Yesterday late night, we got a notice of a patriot player’s new crown virus test results as positive. This player immediately isolates. Many players, coaches and team workers who have close contact with themselves are accepted this morning. Immediate virus detection, the result is negative. “

NFL TV reporter Jeffri Chadiha reported that the Chief team base has been closed.

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