Any senior golfer that prefers a soft feel for greenside play, will benefit by putting this ball into play. 1. Kids are allowed to use their hands, including picking up the ball and putting it in the cup. The only other details Titleist are happy to let slip are how the Pro V1 gives lower long- game spin and a more penetrating flight, and less iron spin than the Pro V1x. This technology makes the cover more durable and provides added feel and control. The result of the core design is higher initial ball speed for added distance. Although this doesn’t really make the Bridgestone Tour B stand out (because companies design all golf balls aerodynamically), it’s worth noting. If you notice a cut or scuff in the cover, you should take the ball out of play. Essentially, Vice Golf has cut out the middle man, which saves you money.

Vice golf has committed to bulk (or wholesale) pricing. Because most women’s golf balls come with a low compression rate that helps to get more distance in the game. Golfers come in all sizes and shapes. These characteristics are perfect for golfers looking for accuracy and a bit more distance. The 318 dimple design is a bit lower than you might expect, especially when some other best golf balls boast upwards of 360 dimples. The Vice Pro is a three piece golf ball with a 318 dimple design. In addition to being a great golf ball for distance ball that also offers spin, the Vice line of golf balls have their patented S2TG technology that (according to Vice Golf) repairs the golf ball’s outer cover after it gets scuffed. Just like other golf balls in this category, Srixon’s Soft Feel offers low spin for off the tee shots and reduced spin on low to mid irons. The cover also offers decent spin rates around the greens, but remember, the Bridgestone Tour B is a distance ball, not a spin ball. However, the lower dimple count is due to the increased size of the dimples on this golf ball, which lowers drag and allows for increased ball speed.

And for those who don’t have expertise on how to put backspin on a golf ball, the S2TG technology of these golf balls helps to provide a high degree of backspin and more control over the ball. They have a refreshing approach to golf that is increasingly common in today’s world. This is a very similar approach that Costco used when developing the Kirkland signature. The Kirkland Signature golf ball has a 360 dimple pattern to maximize spin and to create a penetrating ball flight. The theory behind their golf business reminds us of Costco (back when they produced the Kirkland Signature). To continue the enjoyment and affordability of golf choose the golf ball that will not make you turn your back on the game due to affordability issues. But don’t expect it to zip back five feet because it’s not designed to do that. It can be done, but don’t expect it to be consistent. However, don’t expect this ball to hold up if you hit it into the trees and/or the cart path frequently.

However, OnCore infuses metal into the mantle layer to shift more of the Vero X1’s overall weight to the perimeter. If you differ too much from the above, however, we would suggest looking at the golf balls in the previous category. The popular golfballs in this category are Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft and taylormade golf bag TP5. We’ve categorised all the leading balls from each of the main manufacturers (as well as seven direct-to-consumer brands that sell online) so you can clearly see which balls offer similar benefits, plus how to choose between various models when there’s more than one option in a single category. Vice Golf essentially eliminates the middleman in the production line allowing them to offer wholesale prices. By far the most interesting aspect of the Vice Golf line of golf balls is their pricing. After leaving Nike and having his pick of any golf ball on the market, Tiger Woods chose the Bridgestone B XS. This is the ball that Tiger Woods plays. The process is a nod to the reality that almost no ball is 100-percent perfectly balanced. If you’re a golfer on a budget who enjoys premium golf balls and doesn’t mind trying something new, this is a great golf ball to try.

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