On account of their clean and clear dealings, xây nhà cấp 4 mái thái clients are snug. It is good that the NYPL plans in reference to which the spy company Booz Allen Hamilton was employed didn’t proceed precisely as envisioned due largely to the organized opposition of community activists, together with the Committee to save lots of the brand new York Public Library, of which I am a part and Citizens Defending Libraries of which I am one of the co-founders. It would be nice to know that the unhealthy news about dismantling libraries laid out above stops here. But right here is more. Insight in regards to the kind of shifts being inspired alongside the real property deals can be gleaned from what the BPL trustees had been instructed more just lately at a gathering February 23nd of this 12 months, when that they had described to them an “thrilling” “incubator” initiative, meant to have its librarians “change their roles” from being “data oriented,” utilizing what they discovered in “library school” because “the career has modified, it’s not about reference anymore.” Instead, with the initiative that senior workers hoped to “scale” up and “push the envelope,” the senior employees main the library was searching for to quell or “manage” librarian’s “threat aversion,” and have librarians be taught “venture management skills,” how to build and run projects working with “partners” from the non-public sector (all of the librarians tapped for the first cycle of this new coaching “needed to establish a companion”).

Days later, December 15, 2015, much the identical was stated as the town Council approval of the library sale triumphantly reported to the BPL’s board of trustees, who were instructed that this was a “huge turning point for the library system” and “across the city in general” and that Johnson was `pioneering’ the future of libraries. Those minutes disclose that while all three libraries paying for this engagement a lot of the cost of the Booz & Co. contract was being picked up by Bloomberg’s City Hall and the Revson Foundation. It ought to be attainable to provide an awesome deal more data about the Booz & Co. contract the city Hall entered into with the library programs in 2011 by advantage of the freedom of knowledge act request for such data we made of the Brooklyn Public Library in 2014, but the BPL has stonewalled, refusing to provide the knowledge it should have made public concerning the contract.

Activism by resistant neighborhood teams together with Citizens Defending Libraries has impeded or prevented among the extra city-extensive plans that Johnson spoke about: Previously announced as a high precedence together with the Heights real property deal, the BPL’s sale of the Pacific Branch shouldn’t be at the moment being brazenly pursued. Now, before getting too excited about Booz & Co. assuming these functions in connection with an extension of reorganization of NYC libraries similar to and seeming flowing out of the NYPL Central Library Plan for which Booz Allen was accountable, it’s essential to make a technical distinction between Booz Allen Hamilton and Booz & Co. Booz & Co. was created by Booz Allen Hamilton and spun off from it in 2008 when Booz Allen Hamilton was being acquired by the Carlyle Group. In 2008 information got here out, though not particular about plans for what appeared to be one other consolidating shrinkage in northern Manhattan. She came in with a technique for selling our residence, and a sales and advertising plan. Citizens Defending Libraries was one of the plaintiffs, together with a bunch of high-profile scholars, that brought two of the three lawsuits that stalled, by way of the December 31st 2013 finish of the Mayor Michael Bloomberg administration, the NYPL’s Booz-imprinted Central Library Plan that was otherwise destined to dismantle Manhattan’s three most vital remaining central destination libraries, the 42nd Street Central Reference Library, the Mid-Manhattan Library and SIBL. Post has been created by công ty xây dựng.

Up by at the least 2001, the top of the Mayor Giuliani administration, the NYPL’s plan had been the reverse, to nearly double the dimensions of Mid-Manhattan. Also sadly, whereas the Mid-Manhattan Library is not slated on the market and whereas destruction of the research stacks at the 42nd Street Library has been prevented or at the least forestalled, there are nonetheless plans to shrink the Mid-Manhattan Library and millions of research books haven’t been brought back to the Central Reference Library. That’s ominous. Meanwhile, at this location the library’s own books are being consolidated into the collections of others at this facility and there is “de-duping” of books, destroying or casting aside as not beneficial what they refer derisively to as “artifactual originals.”. Early on in minutes of the BPL, and finally in statements made publicly by Linda Johnson herself, it was clear that the true property strategy effecting the shrink-and-sink plunder of the Heights library, the consequent banishment of most of its books, was one that would be prolonged to all the BPL’s libraries, all of the BPL’s “real property,” that for the BPL the assault on the Heights library was simply the primary maneuver.

At the same time a shrink-and-sink real estate deal was concocted that may extinguish the central destination Donnell Library was devised and launched, a virtually similar shrink-and-sink actual estate deal (with an overlap of people within the background) was ginned up for Brooklyn’s second largest and most important library, the central vacation spot Brooklyn Heights Library in Downtown Brooklyn on the confluence of all the town’s public transportation traces in that borough. In truth, when the shrink-and-sink Heights deal went earlier than the brand new York City Council on November 18, 2015, Johnson was able to proclaim that it can be seen as a “model” for other offers throughout town and in all three programs as Ms. Johnson testified at City Council’s hearing on the matter. The NYPL was then prepared so that, when announced, the public relations agency of Howard Rubenstein, called the ”dean of harm management” (for the powerful) by Mayor Guiliani, could be able to handle the press which was furnished information that in the end proved be a really inaccurate illustration of the transaction. You and the sellers each sign that, then you take it to a title company and so they do all of the paperwork. From 1981 – 1984, she owned and operated her own actual estate company specializing in property management and was a buyer’s agent for buyers of small residential and industrial properties.

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