I still remember that the racing fans in the season greeting “Bruce Irvin died?” Curious. It is true that he did not reach the expected effect in the season. However, in the 5th game after the tenth week, IRVIN has completed 28 cockroaches, 5 kills and once forced the ball. No need to put it in the taste & mdash; & mdash; the raid person returned to the playoffs after 14 years, and the next week, their mission is: the horses on the home.

On the one hand, there is no harm in this, and the players who take millions of years will always find a variety of fun. On the other hand, the players can also enlighten each other’s feelings and trust.

But although the data is new and high, Samuel’s biggest problem is that it is difficult to continue to stably play out. This year, the resiscation of the epidemic is also troublesome, but Braddy believes that Samuel can become an important member of the external hand.

Bernate said: “Since the beginning of memory, I have been participating in the sports project. I can become a part of the team, and I work hard to work hard, it is what I am doing in my life. I have been part of the team, this is also Help me transition to NFL. When I study sports management major in college, I already know that I want to work in the sports field. “

1 year agoDue to the premiere preamble of the groin injury, www.defiendetusalud.Org Sterling Shepard was more than the Stern Sterling Shepard in the depth of the lineup, Cruz’s efforts continued to face more difficulties. After Cruze returned to personal training, the team coach Ben McAdoo said that the injuries of Cruze on Sunday, obviously still plagued him, he will re-accept the inspection.

In order to make the player more fully rest, the lion team adds the number of games in their locker, and leisure facilities, the team even places a table tennis table and a game console, is there a pillow battle? The lion team is okay to do this because they have already wanted to make the player relaxed rather than how important it is as nervous as the army. Jim Caldwell is also intended to be a party after the team.

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“No, I will be hurt once a year,” said Cruz to reporters on Tuesday. “Just I am a problem of injury training or a problem that is accumulated in the rest day. Just feeling tight. I just want to train the house, I will apply it. I have not felt sad. I just listened from my body and confirmed I will take the right way. I don’t want to ignore some things and then encounter a big injury. “

In 2014, it was seriously injured in 2014 and the calf was rare injuries, and after surgery, Cruz was hard to maintain health to help the team. Occasional injuries are turning a long injury, but Shangrruz did not care about this injury and emphasized that he was slowly recovering in the past experience.

“Curtis is critical to our success. I hope that I can have a chance to watch things like training. I can’t wait to see Curtis to play the best level. I think Curtis is an offense. He Compliance with our standards for this offensive system. He is a player you can use to use, “Joe Brady” said. “You will have a good thing after handing the ball to his hand. I think you have seen such a thing last season, showing that he can become an external connector that will be promoted in an open area and then advanced, I will continue to continue. It is excited to achieve progress. I know he wants to make progress. “

Bernate is also clear, as a giant team’s first female full-time ball, she will bear more historical significance, but she said she wants to work as others, maintain a professional attitude, and strive to become an excellent scout.

The performance of this Sunday did not affect Matt Ryan’s MVP market. However, the Falcon’s Dynasty quarter-off did not play the data that Madenson football can be played in the season, but not only the four-point guard throwing out of 500 yards is a good quadruple. When Ryan faced 49 people, Ryan was still excellent, 23 pass 17, advanced 286 yards, sent 2 remedies, 0 mistakes. The passed score reached 144.5. I really like the attack coordinator Kyle Shanahan uses Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman’s strategy. I really like their combination of Sunday, but I don’t have to fall from. This is a better combination!

Last season, the black panther has replaced the first quarter-off after the next week, and the Gristian-McCaffrey also plays a stable in the pass attack. How much reduces the chance of Samuel’s color But he still tried his best to take 15 games.

Although only 9 games were played in 2017, this Carolina Black Panther took over all the characteristics of the team’s values ​​& mdash; & mdash; agile and skills. Although he had advanced two seasons, it is afraid that it has not reached the value of the 40th position. In this year’s break, Samuel ushered in the fourth offensive coordinator in his career, and the latter also watched him like the predecessor.

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