The University of Florida Defense Coordinator Todd Grantham said that Henderson is the best corner guard you have taught. At that time, Henderson had just played a year for the University of Fronda. He started to play all 13 games, completed 38 hugs, 3 times, 2 times, 7 times destruction, 2 times Force the ball.

Hogen was played in New York jet last season, and the 5 games were completed in 14 batches to get 118 yards, and later was placed in the injury reserve list and was abandoned in December. The most well-known thing to enter the union with a new show is that it has played for new England patriots, and participated in the 3rd superbweed and won 2 champions. He also has a 5 session for Buffalo, and also has been short-lived for 49 people in San Francisco, New York Giants and Miami dolphins.

The team with interest to trade includes Chicago Bear and Indianapolis, and there are other teams calling price. published on Isoux the third day of the New Federation, the eagle needs to pay Wenz 10 million US dollars award bonus, which is the reason why the transaction may be fast.

Based on the report, the Eagle expected chips were similar to the previous Matthew Stafford. Last weekend, the lion sent Stafford to the ram, in exchange for the three rounds of the other party, the first round of the next two years, and the four points Guardian GOP (Jared Goff). Gaofu and Wenz are the 2016 elevational champion and list.

Eagle is expected to trade quartz San San-Wenz

US Time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Philadelphia eagle is expected to trade four-point guards, Wenz (Carson Wentz). Although the eagle persists that the Wenz leaves, the transaction time may be next week.

When this rule is just announced, many people think that this will play a reverse role, because the team will use more short kickings, force the ball to land in the distance from the score to force the opponent to pick up The ball is rebounded, and unexpected impact will also increase.

For the eighth week of London play: Lion @ 长

This season’s NFL International Series will usher in the third game this Sunday and the last game will be the Kansas City Chief (2-5) in Wembleli Stadium as a “home team” and Detroit Lion (1-6 ) Hand.

However, with Donald, the first round of the first round in 2014, the offensive cut-slave Greg Robinson may not be so lucky. It is interesting that there is no Robinson’s news when the message is reported in Donald’s fifth year. This disappointing front-end eye is the old offense of Andrew Whitworth, was moved to the striker.

News: The Alliance will continue to perform the 25 yard line of the bottom

The NFL of last season made an interesting rule change, and the bottom is the bottom, the offensive party will start at the position of the 25-yard line. This change is to reduce the execution of the ball.

The lions came to London for the second consecutive year. Last year they reverse killings in half of the 0-21 backward, they hope that this time can be triumph. However, now they have a bleak, and if you want to do this is not easy. The lion is currently expected to build a pavement attack. The bad performance of the offensive front line makes the main running guard, the new show amler – Abdullah only rushed out of 222 yards, ranking second act is the main force of 62 yards Strord. At last week, the offensive coordinator Joe-Longbadi and the offensive front line coach were therefore dismissal. In terms of pass, despite being trapped in the punch, Stafford “only” brushed the 1866 yards, but “Wei Zhenti”, the “Wei Zhentian”, which is full of blood this year, is still the excellent performance of 574 yards. , No. 2 External hand Gordon-Tat and Substitute run Wei Xio-Redick have 318 yards. Lions can be entered in the playoffs last year, and the outbreak of the defensive group could not. However, due to the loss and injury and injury, the lion is only the number of pockets in the session this season, and the average loss of 392 yards is nearly 100 yards cheap jerseys from china last year, only 4 cases. The defensive end of the 6th smile is the highlights of them.

33-year-old Hogan was originally a stick Tennis star of Pennsylvania State University, and later transferred to the University of Montmouth’s race. He will be eligible to participate in the March 25th, the Tennis Super League draft, accept 8 teams.

Henderson is a reliable angle guard that can keep up with the speed of the other side, and there is also necessary agilities to snap the route. His acceleration capabilities allow him to jump high high during passing the ball and complete the copy. However, Henderson sometimes has an excitement of the past, which may be improved in the professional alliance.

Compared with the lions who have just got the season, the aption of the chief is just a fifty steps, a hundred steps – two wins. It was a long-awaited that the steel man was attended last week and hoped to come to London for the first time. After Jamal Charles reimbursed by the knee injury, the “Liaohua is a pioneer” of the “Liao Xian’s pioneer”, Xikandrick, Wester, obtained the excellent performance of the 12-rushed 110 yards last week. There are 39 picks up 531 yards 1 to pay the top of the number of passengers Jeremy-Macrlin or will be repeated after a week of absence of the brain. Chris Conley and Albert – Wilson’s two new show have excellent play in last week, plus the same number of new generations of jersey in the 87 jersey Travis – Kelsea. “Short biography male” Alex-Smith’s weapon is quite sufficient. But the offensive line will be a new problem, and the coach Ayi Reed will be forced to use the fourth set of different offensive front lines in the season. The chief defensive group can be described as talented Jiji, and the new “Million Mr.” Justin Houston won the 4 times, but the king inside the king actually as a “meat shield” 3-4 defensive end arren – Baile ( 4.5) Houston’s partner Tamba-Harry also has 3 times. The new Showagare Marcus Peters has 3 copies and 10 times to destroy the ball, and the quantity is still the second more. The combination of Eric Berry, Parker and the Cancer, also has 1 copy of the copy.

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