The final year of the contract will be determined by Thomas at the last year of the contract, it is determined to be absent from all team training before receiving the new contract. The sea eagle has not intended to negotiate with him when Thomas is absent.

Bien was selected in the 2017 in 2017, but due to the six games that were banned last season and were banned, there were still two yet. Although I can’t participate in the previous two weeks of regular season, Boy can participate in the training in the race season and the season.

After the third round of the 2012 draft, was selected, Robinson himself is about to enter the final year of his rookie contract, his salary will be $ 1.55 million. If the injuries to the 24-year-old player missed the entire training camp and all the preseason, then, taking into account the Vikings believe there is a strong bench in this position, he may face the risk is difficult to leave the team.

Carolina Black Panther will sign with Corner A.j. Bore US time on Wednesday, the Black Panther and Corner A.j. Bore (A. J. Buoye) is agreeing to sign the intention. Boy will join the Black Leopard next season to help Carolina enhance the second-line defense.

Can Michael Wik become a sprayer of a jet? The answer may be affirmed, the premise is that time retreats for ten years. For Vic, the most terrible problem is not a decline in exercise, but he has almost completely lost the ability of the protective ball. The past Vic “kills the enemy, self-loss 800”, now Wick “kills the enemy eight hundred, self-loss”. Only 50% of the five-yearssive Vic may still be stronger than Smith. But the replacement of His replacement Smith, the maximum is just the death penalty into death.

Bien’s comment is the standard reply at this time. Bill strives to avoid excessive expectations for the new show because of canceling competition. But if Allen eventually won the first position in the new season, it will surprise.

Rex Ryan once led jets to succeed, and he is still an excellent defensive coach, or even a painful coach. But his problem is not only to lack an attainment in the offensive, more importantly, the team culture he brought to the jet has lost the survival soil. When the team is in a smooth situation, the radical strategy that encourages the fighting and swearing, doesly add tribute; but when the team is in adversity, this approach can only make a variety of issues thoroughly broke out. Just like a patient’s disease, the result of the impressive drug will be counterproductive.

What is the worst thing in the world? That is, wholesale nfl jerseys you have encountered three bad things: the first thing is bad, the second thing is very bad, the third thing is worse. From Mark Sanchez to Tim Tim Tim, to Gin-Smith, the New York Jet has been facing a question in the past three years: Who is the main four-point guard? The three different types and background players have the same problem: passing the ball, a lot of mistakes, awareness, and more news. The flap jet has been delayed for three years, and it will stop flying in the fourth year.

Every year, we will hear how the coach and general manager talk about how to make a rookie slowly and then suddenly pick up the burden during the season. When there is no obvious player who has a first talented player, you can expect him to get the first opportunity.

Timbo enhances his passing technology under the guidance of Tom House this year, House said: “His pass is not very accurate, there is no very good arc, so improves accuracy And let the ball are better to rotate. “

Robinson played in last season’s 690 stalls, most of the playing time, he served as the slot cornerback. The fourth-year players will be veteran and Terence – Newman (Terence Newman), Kai Puteng – Meng Nalin (Captain Munnerlyn) and first-round pick Terre – Wayans (Trae Waynes) to compete with starting cornerback Javier – Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes) playing time partner.

Borery enters the league as an assembly, and the excellent performance in Texas is effective for the Jenan Tiger with Z. 67.5 million US dollars. In the season after signing the contract, Boy completed 6 copy, but later, it fell all the way, and there was no copy of the account last season.

Brandon Brandon Beaten, Brandon Beane, said that Allen will start from the three quarter-free guards, and it is AJ-McCarlen (AJ McCarron) and Najison. Pitman (Nathan Peterman). Three people will compete in the first position.

Now the jet needs a scholar tutor, he can help the team returns a normal state, do not always challenge the partition hegemony of the challenge as the primary goal, should first keep the team’s overall stability. In addition, the direction of choosing the coach should focus on attack. At this high-score, the “captain” of the jet is needed to give his team into the energetic and confidence of his team. Under this premise, replacement of quadruple can achieve the best results.

As far as the eagle is in the case, no one knows which four defense they will use, so this time can only be said to be an attempt, if Tibo and the eagle sign, he has to do it from the third in addition to step training. Replace the four-point guard prepare.

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