sQusi is a free and useful web service which stops behavoral marketing companies from tracking you across the web and building profiles of your behavior through third and even sometimes first party tracking cookies, scripts and files. Some experts describe these cookies, scripts and files as ‘spyware’ while others call them ‘stalkware’. Either way, they are not ‘good’ for you. They are placed on your computer without your permission and data that rightfully ‘belongs’ to you, is sold to others without your consent. sQusi uses a continuously updated database to automatically and selectively: Block cookies, flash objects, web beacons, script files and other file types before they can be placed on your computer. These files either serve up annoying ads or in many cases, track your activity as you navigate from site to site. Clean your Internet Explorer cache of these files without deleting useful cookies or cached files from your favorite sites. sQusi has been tested and certified by experts at the authorized download sites (see Download) as being free of viruses, spyware, adware or anything evil. How sQusi Works The sQusi desktop client runs in the background on your computer. Each time you load a new web page in your browser, it checks the URLs received, and if any of them are listed in its database as to be blocked, it blocks them before they can be stored on your computer. There are potentially thousands of URLs which can set these various cookies, files and scripts on your computer and it is virtually impossible for you as an individual to use your browser controls to block them. If you block all cookies, many sites will not function. If you block some well known URLs, they will change the address to get through. The only way to stay one step ahead is to use a continuously and automatically updated database. sQusi has an auto-update feature that does this with no effort on your part. It regularly checks with sQusi’s servers for updates, downloads them and asks your permission to install them. Compatibility sQusi works on any computer that runs Windows 2000 or XP operating systems. It also works with any browser that runs on these systems including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape Navigator and yes even Opera. The sQusi Difference sQusi will not interfere with the proper functioning of your favorite sites. What you will notice is a lot of beautiful open space on many of the pages you visit and in many instances the page may actually load faster because it does not have to load big ad files.







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The most popular tracking blocker today is OneBlock. It’s the gold standard of trackers. With over 1.8 million free downloads and having the most accurate and comprehensive blocklist available. OneBlock’s included with sQusi’s free 14 day trial but can be permanently installed if desired. sQusi has also integrated the powerful and unique TrackMeNot.TrackMeNot removes many of the annoying web beacons which make web surfing a frustrating and stressful experience. These web beacons are used by tracking companies to generate data on your activity. The feature has a 7 day trial. Does sQusi leave any artifacts on my browser? No. In fact when you first install sQusi it will give you a basic tutorial explaining what each button does and you can learn which buttons to click and which buttons are just for decoration. If you want to remove sQusi, just close the box the windows program opens. You will not need to uninstall anything else. How long does sQusi clean up and what happens to my saved information? sQusi removes its files and cookies completely. Then, all you have is a beautiful blank browser window. You can use any browser to explore the sites of your choice. What if the websites I visit have an anti-tracking system? There are a lot of websites that are used to track user behavior, but these websites know that sQusi is in use, so they just ignore the cookie or block the request for the cookie file. If you are really worried about tracking, you can download OneBlock which will block all of the most popular tracking files. If you want to be sure sQusi isn’t interfering with tracking, check out sQusi’s TrackerTest which provides an even more robust set of trackers to test its performance against. It is really the convenient and easy way to install all kinds of indicators for all kinds of goods.There are so many kinds of indicators.Just pick it according to your need. Features: 1.Made of metal, light and durable, suitable for all kinds of goods, not only for bicycles but for automobiles and motorcycles too;2.The most stable ones in China market, most competitive price in the whole China market. 3.Made in China, the fastest delivery time, no more than three to five days after you ordered;4.The most professional customer service in the whole China market

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This software is marketed by a company called sQusi, Inc. It has been tested and certified by: Download.com | Gizmochina.com | Softpedia.com It has not been tested or certified by Microsoft Corp. Please do not pay for this software. Where do you get the software? From download.com and gizmochina.com is a link in the first sentence of the description. Go here: How to get it From that page, you can get a free version of the software. There is no need to make a donation. You can use the software without limitations or restrictions. To get updates: You must update the software manually. We will send you a dialog box which will ask you to accept a software update. If you do not accept the software update, it will not work correctly. To accept the update, click Yes. You will then be asked to reboot the computer. This is needed because we are changing the program itself and it will not work if you do not reboot. Download the latest sQusi free version here: Do not download one of the trial versions. Trial versions are not updated or certified to work. To run the trial version of sQusi: If you do not want the program to update automatically, start the program by double-clicking on the icon. The program will ask you to accept a software update. If you do not accept the update, it will not work correctly. To accept the update, click Yes. You will then be asked to reboot the computer. This is needed because we are changing the program itself and it will not work if you do not reboot. The trial version is free, but it has all the limitations of the full version. Where can I get more information? Download.com | Gizmochina.com | Softpedia.com This notice is posted both on download.com and gizmochina.com. aa67ecbc25

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sQusi is a great addition to the protection of your computer and your privacy and personal data. It is free, easy to use and is continuously updated with a new and more complete database on a daily basis. sQusi will only protect your computer from what’s on your computer. It won’t stop other forms of spyware, adware or similar ‘tracking’ programs. If you have been lured to a site by spam, pop-up ads, with ‘hidden’ pop-ups or if you have fallen victim to other stalking, you can use sQusi for the protection of your computer and your privacy by not letting yourself be tracked and giving your privacy back to you. sQusi can work in Windows 2000, XP and 2003 and even Vista. A: I use the neat Yahoo! adblock extension for Firefox. There’s an online list of extensions for firefox here. The Yahoo! one has a neat ad-free interface, the only downside is the extension doesn’t really do anything other than remove adverts. I think this might be changing and you’ll be able to block the actual calls to the adverts servers from the client side of the extension. A: Adblock Plus is a popular extension for Firefox and Chrome. I use it myself. No ads, no tracking. Q: Javascript – Reference request I have a piece of code and can’t understand how it works. var self = this; $( ‘#’ + self.collection.attr(‘id’) ).doAjax({ url: ‘/expense/manage/’ + self.collection.attr(‘id’),

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sQusi is a free service that will help you secure your computer from “spyware” programs which periodically send information about your browsing habits to advertisers. Spyware programs are constantly monitoring your Internet usage and attempt to place their own advertising programs on your computer. Most people have had this happen at one time or another, usually after installing an application or software program. These programs are usually “advertisements” or “applications” which are bundled with software updates. They may also be referred to as “spyware” or “adware”. sQusi helps you stay out of these annoying programs. A: I’d like to start with a disclaimer. I am the developer of sQusi, and I’m going to tell you why I like this browser extension, but I’ll also be telling you a few things about the utility of the service. However, I think that this should be a useful tool, since many people don’t know that this kind of tracking is even possible. Why I like sQusi sQusi stands out from the crowd in the following ways: First party tracking is a tool that many websites used to use, and it was usually considered a good practice. As it came to light, though, these kinds of practices were used by many websites, and these websites were intentionally and subconsciously tracking users. In an effort to prevent this kind of spying, people started using the options in their browsers to block this kind of tracking. It was soon discovered, though, that the blockers were being circumvented by all kinds of known spyware programs. sQusi stands apart from the rest by providing the ability to detect and block the very common spyware and browser based “first-party tracking” scripts which are so common that their use has been normalized. It has the ability to detect and block cookies, and it even has the ability to block cookies for third party sites, through the use of third party cookies. It also blocks a certain kind of file (Flash objects) that also behave like first party tracking. You can also block things like “ActiveX objects” or “Java applets”. It runs in the background, and does not slow down sites. It doesn’t slow down browsing through the browser. It doesn’t slow down loads of pages. This is because it does not only block, it also cleans. So, it cleans your browser

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Windows XP or later, Windows Vista or later, Mac OSX 10.7 or later, Linux (32-bit and 64-bit are supported) CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM drive 1024×768 minimum resolution or higher Computers by the Frontier Development Desk “It just works!” “I can’t believe that there’s a new Wolfenstein game out!” “This is great! I just spent 2 hours getting used to the controls, and it’s incredible!” “I can’t


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