It is reported that Lin Qi has answered 22 questions after the game, which contains 12 “Yes”, 3 “perhaps” and 2 “don’t know”. The only longer answer is “I set up a foundation called Edgewater on December 14 to raise funds and helped the children in the city of Auckland”, and the only negative answer is to be asked if it is willing Accept a telephone interview.

The front of the front of Paladis accepted surgical treatment, and he missed the team training. When the training camp he will participate in most training after the training camp begins at the end of July.

Body measurements camp on Monday, Jones said: “We want to wait the result of the new collective bargaining agreement is very clear that this will have a great influence contract negotiations but we are still confident, I hope will bear fruit before had to use the label. . “

The 26-year-old Jones ranked the team first in the past two seasons. During the 2018 training camp, Jones had predicted that they would acquire the most in the league. Although he did not honor the promise, he ranked third with 15.5 data rankings. And he could set an wholesale nfl Jerseys record with the performance of the murder in 11 consecutive games. Last season, Jones missed 3 games due to the injury of groin, and he could achieve 9 kills. At the same time, last season is his career in his career.

“I have never been so worried,” Paradis said. “I have been worried about restoration treatment before, this is what we will continue to pay attention to. But now my hips feel very good. I guess I never realized how painful before, now it is like, & lsquo; you It means that I will never feel pain every day? & Rsquo; “

United States, Brown Si Baikhek-Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) was rated as the best offensive player, led Brown dual killing Meng Hu, passing 284 yards 0. The crow player Patrick Aiisa was rated as the best defensive player. In the competition of the crow, he brought the crow defensive group to the crow defensive group in 9 hugs and 2-time data. Successfully blocked the lightning. Attack, lightning full promotion code only 198 yards. The attack of the raid, Dwayne Harris, was rated as the best special team player. In the raid, Harris contributed a wonderful 99-drawn kick to reach.

According to KDAND, the eagle quartz, Nick Foles, was rated as the best offensive player. He led the eagle to defeat the Texas, and handed over 471 yards pass the number and 4 passes of the data. . AARON Donald was rated as the best defensive player, and the ram of the rare, he was 7 times, which made 3 times, making the total number of people in this season reached 19.5, continued to the league Record the initiator impact. Cowboy playing Brett Maher is a rated Best Secret Service Player, in the game of Cowboy, Hello, 2nd, cheap Jerseys from china 2nd and 3.

Vic: Playing the red skin is my dream

In June next year, Michael Vick will be 35 years old. Although it is no longer young, Victor still believes that he has the ability to become the main four-point guard, lead the team to advance. In this week’s interview, he issued a view on his future.

The sixteenth week, the best player of the United States of America

Beijing on December 28th, the regular season left the last week, yesterday officially announced the best players of the 16th week of the United States of America.

Dreams are very full, and the reality is very cruel. With the current level of Victor, there is almost no group to give this opportunity to give this old. Victor has said that he has to have a defensive coordinator one day. Perhaps the current Vic and this dream is more close.

Lynch only answers 22 questions only with 50 words

The Seattle Hawk Run Marshawn Lynch was a fine of 100,000 US dollars in the league due to the question of the reporter, and today 19: 3 Days of the Arizona, Linqi finally I chose the opening, although there is not much, but it is not necessary to be fine.

In the super bowl, Jones did not get killed, but he still contributed to the victory of the chief. His pressure in the second section led to 49 people in San Francisco, Jimmy-Garoppolo, was copied. In addition, he took 3 times to take the ball of Galopolo.

Jones, the chief and the team’s privileged label player, the latest, the last time I need to sign a long time before the deadline. Previously, Jones once said that if you can’t sign your long, you will choose not to participate in training.

Jones said: “Absolutely not, NASDAQ is our quarterback of the future will be our quarterback, we just respect him for his very competitive for us to win a lot of games and he, like us… , we want to complete as soon as the next step, try to win the championship, climb the highest mountain. “

Vik said: “I am willing to talk to all the teams alliance, will not reject any team. I hope that I can get a chance again in 2015. I look forward to keeping the game.” Currently, the current Ke is likely to leave New York jet after the season. Whether it is Vik or Kino-Smith, I can’t satisfy the team, they hope to find a reliable and stable quadruple. Vik revealed in the interview, I hope the future can be played for Washington.

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