New England patriots will ask for the outer handle of Andola payable

New England patriots take over Danny Amendola, in the past two years agreed to rebuild the contract, and now the patriot hopes that he can agree with this third time.

However, the patriots like Anddora contribute to the team in the offensive group and the special group. So as long as the Agedora agrees to pay the salary, they want him to return. Taking into account the request of Armpora for the team in the past two years, as long as he agreed to take a salary of $ 63.75 million, it seems that they can reach a consensus again.

Run Wendo – Gordon: Lightning offensive system has dragged your own

In the 5 seasons for Los Angeles Lightning, Melvin Gordon, who has promoted 6113 yards in the offensive group, and has achieved more than 12 times in three seasons.

With the sign in Cameron, the focus of the near-ended free market moved to Kle, would the Buffalobir team used a high price to match the tag value of the sedama team? Or the Dolphin Team will take him to sign an old way to take the outside, not relying on Mike Wallace, the next time will wait and see.

The patriot will run the Sony Michel sniper season to accept foot surgery and have not been involved in the complete training camp. After the replacement of Brandon – Brandon Bolden, Wholesale nfl jerseys choose to withdraw from the season.

3 years ago“They use a lot of inside regional punch tactics, I have participated in a lot of such offens when Wisconsin University,” said Gordon. “This will really help me to be able to do my best things. I am suitable for the internal regional tactics running guards.”

After Ageddora agreed to rebuild the contract last year, he was originally 6 million US dollars in a $ 375,000 award bonus. The patriots don’t want to pay so much for this 13-yard journey to get a 243 yard.

“This system really can’t let me play the strength, especially in the first two years there,” Gordon said. “I can only adapt to then it is good to make a good system. This is not a system for me. But I think the Denver’s system is commensurate, I think Denver is very suitable for me.”

In the time of Temple, Miller scored 716 times, pushed 2934 yards, reached 13 times. At the same time, he also completed 92 battles, reached 5 times. Before the season reimbursement, Texas coach Bill O’Brien (Brien) appreciated Miller’s pass covering capabilities.

First of all, Gordon needs to win the teammates Phillip-Lin Sai (Phillip Lindsay) gain more appearance time, then prove that there are less than 3.9 yards per shot of 5 seasons in the 5 seasons of lightning, due to lightning tactics Not your own ability.

The defensive end was placed in the injury reserve due to the knee injury after 11 games last season. He has previously obtained 28 擒 2.5 times in the 558th. Baswanuka last season performance has been substantially returned before being injured by the knee injury.

Wild horses have signed this year with Gordon for 2 years, they think that his mushroom and ballistic ability are more suitable for the team’s offensive system. Lightning is more use of regional mushroom tactics and false truth tactics, while Gordon believes that the inner region of the wild horse is more suitable for him.

In this 9 years, the location of Kaswanka has been moved back and forth between defensive ends and outside. “Massias has the spirit of warriors,” General Manager Jerry Lis said. “For the team, he has always been the best team player. From the first day of the team, it is a real professional player.” And the head coach Tom Coflin said. “He has always impressed a deep thing is his serious attitude towards the game. He has been preparing for fullness, has always been very good, and he has a tenacious spirit. His character and professional spirit will have been kept in mind. “

The New York Giants announced that it cuts off the defensive end Mathuka (Mathias Kiwanuka). The 31-year-old base Wannuka has spent the giant, and helping the team get a super bowl of championship 2 times.

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