2017 wholesale nfl jerseys from china London increased to 4 games

If these London are great, then it is better.

NFL announced the 2017 London in 2017 to 4 games.

“We continued to have the enthusiasm and love of NFL to the NFL,” Roger Goodell, wholesale jerseys online President Roger, President, said in a statement. “London is a great city. We have got a huge support wholesale jerseys for sale fans, Khan Mayor and other government leaders and business partners. We look forward to holding 4 games in London next season, come out next to the next step in England.”

NFL has held 3 games in London since each season since the 2014 season. All games are hard to find. Increase the game between the game to four, continued to test the enthusiasm of the British fans.

Although the number of views in the United States may decline, NFL continues to develop in the UK. According to the alliance, since the number of views in Sundays since 2007 has increased more than double, the superbowl view has increased by 75%. This season, NFL is expected to get records in the UK.

Increasing the 4th game will continue to expand NFL in this flourishing market, the number of fans & mdash; & mdash; the same verification increases the possibilities.

The team and game venue in the 2017 season will be announced on Tuesday in the UK.

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