Cowboy 4-point Batho Prescott seeks an annual salary of 40 million US dollars

At least in the recent contract negotiations in August 13, at least it is unquestionable: Dak Prescott wants to be the highest salary of the alliance.

According to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporter Jane Slater, the contract is about to enter the last year, Prescot, who is negotiating with the club, has recently rejected an annual salary of 30 million US dollars, looking for a price of $ 40 million in annual salary.

If Prescot is really a big contract, he is a large number of Russell Wilson ($ 35 million) than the current alliance.

There is not much worse than $ 30 million annual salary, and the Falcon Bingman Matt Ryan is also almost almost almost almost the same (annual salary number 5).

Of course, negotiations also need to master the skills, the reporter added that the final contract price is more likely to be between 34 million to 35 million.

iStock ImageThis price level and the lion are not too much. Currently Cowbi New Trident: Quad Bowl Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Extreme Amari – Cooper (Amari Cooper) has not talked again, but the three have gained the price of “generous”.

The front teammate dez bryant didn’t delay the time, cheap jerseys from china expressed his support:

To Dak him 40 million US dollars, don’t use @ and I quarrel.

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