The chief quarter Shuabos: I hope the new contract will not hinder the team to win.

The new contract of Patrick Mahomes is a topic that is concerned with an external concern, which will make him have the opportunity to become the highest salary player. The Chief of Kansas City understands this and has recognized that the negotiations may spend a lot of time.

Mahumus wants to ensure that the team still has the ability to compete with the super bowl of champion after getting a big contract.

“When you look back at your career after your career, you want to see you have achieved a lot of success, many victories, hope to have a lot of super bowls of champion & mdash; & mdash; I want to see a lot of success at your career. Mahms said. “Obviously I want to get a contract, obviously I want long-term support and do all such things.”

“But I want to make sure I get a contract with intelligence and correct way, I don’t know what it will be exact way. I know that my team and the chief team will discuss the contract, and then in the right time in order to make the team more It is very exciting to reach a consensus. But I am very excited to have a great effort for Kansas City chiefs. I know that due to the team of Kansas City, this will be handled in the correct way. “

At present, Mahms’ renewal is not the most urgent problem. Emirates need to take into account other people’s contracts.

The chief has expected to use a privileged player label for defensive cut Chris Jones, and they may reorganize the contract of Sammy Watkins. Mahmus has talked with two people, but it is not a discussion contract.

“I think the most important question is, (you have to have negotiating them as people and cheap jerseys for sale them, wholesale jerseys I mean these people love to play for Kansas City chiefs & mdash; & mdash; you know this, from how they talk about Kansas City chief It can be seen, “Mahms said. “They also want to be able to raise their families, cheap jerseys for sale just like me, so they will make the most favorable decisions for themselves and their families. But I know that they love to play for the Chief of Kansas City, like I love to win the champion, so I can Successful appearance is excited, I hope they are successful in Kansas City chiefs. “

But in the end, the team is impossible to give every big contract, especially the big contract of Mahms, will be one of the reasons why some people can’t get high salary in the chief.

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