Currently, Titan decided to use Charlie Whitehust to fill the quadrants. But this is just a short-term solution, and the team has not given up Locke, although he may have to miss the competition for injury. This week, Weith Hunte also explained why did the McCberg positioning team No. 3 quarter were all divided into an interview. He said: “I have to say about this, I understand that fans are looking forward to Zak, he has excellent performance in the quarter. But we can’t ignore Charlie and behave well, he has the ability for us.” Vewen Henry believes that his consideration is the best choice made by the team’s interests: “We need to be a whole, together with the team. Charlie’s performance proves that he can be competent, this is very important. We It is necessary to keep in mind that our goal is to help the team, we must focus on this. “

Another prospect of the Saint Player is equally unclear, running the Mark Ingram, if you can complete the 93 yards in the last week, you will harvest the first thousand Sale of his career. Ingram said: “I hope to perform well in the last week, the future, we can discuss again in the course period.”

Ignore the fans called, Titan refused to enable the rookie quadrant

Although more and more Tennessee Titan fans have begun to appeal to the team to enable the rookie quadrant, Titan is still not intended to give the first four-point flag to the young Zach – Mettenberger. This season, the original main four-point guard Jack-Locker continuously encountered injuries, the second year served as the Titan main coach, Ken Whisenhunt, takes more time to investigate the four defense, This will help him prepare for the future of the team. Maybe 5 to 6 weeks later, McGe Tengberg will get a chance.

At present, Weber is still the third fourth part of Manning and Kino-Smith, but he and the first family may be a signal & mdash; & mdash; he may be on Sunday to Arizona. Before the game, career is activated for the first time.

The giant temporary head coach said: “We have increased his training at a little bit. I have said that he has been preparing, like it will become the quarter-saving, and even play. So, prepare is still the same We just want him to get some opportunities on the training ground. “

However, Cox is not worried, he is in an interview: “Our defensive front line members are not worried about the problem of killing, we have a lot of four-point guard in the past two weeks, and they will come naturally, and Will get it. We only have to wait patiently, don’t worry. “

The Auckland raid young four-point guard in US time confirmed the replacement of the Green Bay packaging workers who were unable to participate in the career bowl on Wednesday, which is also his personal participation in professional bowls.

According to the NFL NetWork reporter, the player will ask the agent to “provide the latest news about new crown epidemic, including medical experts, especially any risk hazards that can be infected with complications. Before preparing regression training, each Both players must understand their physical condition. “

After completing 10.5 times in the last season, after the new high, the four-degree selection of professional bowls, Fletcher Cox, Cox (Fletcher Cox) is currently not good, no killing, two games are only completed twice Quarter-assault impact.

The players will ask the brokers to ensure that the players know the new crown risk.

7.28 Restarting training camps have been determined. As a preparation, the player will notify all the brokers to ensure that their customers know the new crown. Before deciding to participate in the 2020 season, the players should consider all relevant knowledge.

The player will also list a number of physical hidden dangers that may increase the risk of infection, and it is recommended that the players consult a private physician, whether they face greater risks for special conditions.

Brisker hopes that Collson stayed in Saint

Next season, New Orleans Saint-Outlier Marx-Colston will produce $ 7 million in the salary cap, which also affects his future to a certain extent. At present, the team has not made a decision to let Colliston continue to stay in the team.

The performance of Collton this season is unable to satisfy the team, and the team may ask him to pay a salary during the break. In the future of being asked and the old partner, cheap jerseys from china four points Drew Brees revealed that Herston can stay in Saint: “I hope he can stay here longer. Time. As a player, a teammate, an ordinary friend, he is doing very well. I am very fortunate to partner with him for 9 years, I hope that I have the opportunity to pass on him next season. “

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