Pierre Paul can not wear protective gear next seasonJason Pierre-Paul attended the eight games of the New York Giants, and his right hand worn the protective gear, he didn’t need to worry about the problem of protective gear next season. .

49 people’s strike will be absent from the knee problem for a monthBeijing August 6th, the injury should make 49 people have grown. Malcolm Smith After suffering from severe breast injury, the first round of Joshua Garnett is also absent for a month.

It is reported that Viking will pay $ 44 million in Peterson, 20 million US dollars is the guarantee. Piteson said: “I appreciate the work of Vijing, and this restructuring contract. This is a guarantee, which is also a chance to prove yourself in cheap nfl jerseys From china. For me to continue the game is important, I can’t wait to go back to the court “

Emirates and Texas people’s new show will report to the training camp next Monday Kansas City Chief and Houston Texas notify the respective rookie players training camps will be carried out as scheduled.

The US time told reporters on Thursday, and he no longer needs a protective gear. His right hand can complete the game. He said: “I don’t worry about the problem of protective gear, my hand feels very good, I trained very heart We are ready to play the game, the protective gear is not necessary for me, my right hand feels the same. “

In the past 2 years, Pierre Paul has completed 12.5 four-point guard, now he and the giants have only one year of contract, Pierre Paul needs to prove herself next season, otherwise he will face unemployment.

Recently, this super external hand has been used to show you why he can become a professional bowl player, that is, love to eat rainbow sugar. Recently, Rainbow Sugar presented Brown, a pair of rainbow gloves (of course, the above candy is not true).

25-year-old Berry 3 times selection professional bowl, and this year is his 4th season. The Emirates is still full of confidence in his future, and there is a warning that this condition is still in early.

At present, NFL and NFL players will have not reached an agreement on some of the housing, but according to the labor agreement, the team has the right to report. If the team does not follow the health and safety regulations, the players may file a complaint.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero reported that the chief has notified the rookie, some old players and quadrants reported to accept new crown viruses on Monday. They subsequently accept physical examination and trial equipment on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the remaining players reported on July 25.

The training head of the Emirates, Rick Burkhold, announced this news on Monday, and revealed that Berry will go to a lymphoma expert to make the final diagnosis. The Chief team released that the current first judgment is lymphoma and placed in a list of non-rugby-related injuries on Monday.

Berry then also released a statement: “I sincere thanked all the support from my family, friends, coaches, teammates and all the Airate team. I am shocked by the diagnosis on Saturdays, but I don’t want to miss the game. But I understand I have to focus on a new opponent at the moment. I am full of confidence in the doctor. I believe that they give me the treatment plan will make me finally defeat the disease. I am very grateful to a part of the Aihua team, and in NFL Passionate fans in front of the game. I will come back! “

Berkhold said that Belry never complained about anything before the Auckland raid team last Thursday. At the beginning of the season, he accepted the physical examination everything. The coach Andy REID said that Belry can also go to the team in Monday to understand the condition and express “feelings of everyone’s love and support.”

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