“It is unbelievable to pass the ball,” said KLIFF Kingsbury, Crury, Crury. “(Murray) is running between the other side. I didn’t expect him to go out. From my perspective, I see it is not very clear, but I see the audience crazy. I always asked us, & lsquo; Is he received? & rsquo; “

But the relationship between the two is as follows, so I don’t know, especially Jones, formerly to hire the world’s top lawyer David Boyes to stop the NFL Chairman Roger, Roger Goodell Renewal incident.

Cleveland Brown deals gets a Texas people four-point guard OsvilleHouston Texas found a creative approach to get rid of the four-point Weak-Osweiler and his salary of 16 million US dollars. They decided to send him to Cleveland Brown at the price of a two-round draft.

Obviously Okney’s appreciation is very unexpected. At present, Brown decided Josh McCown as a core quarter-free battle for 2015, this old will completed 1 win 10 losses in Tampawan last season. 11 times of passing the ball and the record of 14 cases.

With the return of Manzell, a large teammate expressed his support to him. Now this is now approved from the coaching group, the new Brown four-point guards Kevin O’Connell (Kevin O & # 39; Connell) Last week said: “I have no change in Memang’s ideas. I gave him a chance to be poor than him. He did it.” O’Connell helped the Mansale to prepare for the War of War last year, and he is from Texas Polytechnic. AoConnell said: “We obviously discuss a second-grade player, and the first few times of last year, I have sent him a lot of help. I want to say, from my first time he encountered him, he is always a Keep a competitive player. He will complete everything that we ask him. “

All this action is likely to make a decision to assume Guardel’s “Whether to consider whether Jones’ behavior or the interest of the entire league or the whole professional American football”. Of course, everything is in discussion, unless there is a hoping point, then this will be an explosive news.

After the giants turned from a potential super bowl to the national union mat team, McCadu’s future has always been a topic of people’s guess. The failure to 49 people may represent the team of the team this season.

After the fourth quarter of this game, the patriots took the four-point Gui-Garoppolo, although the bear has been 25 points behind, Houston jumped up to celebrate his first time, interstitialventures.Org and the only season is only one Squat. But he was repeatedly and then trewd to knees before cross ligament torn, which means that his season reimbursed.

NFL’s bosses can force Jun Jones to sell denimDallas Cowboy Old Bo Jerry Jones Jones US Sunday and the team together in Atlanta, with him with his views, there is a boss of Atlanta Falcon, Arthur Blank.

The latest news is that there are many NFL team bosses that are discussing the possibility of force Jones leaves the current denim boss position. “It is theoretically they can do this, which is equivalent to canceling Dallas’ management rights. Message from the interior of the league Digital League boss is discussing the feasibility of this behavior. “

At least, Osville will join Brown, and Texas has also sent a second round of draft selection in 2018. Brown also traded to Texas people in 2017, the fourth round of draft selection rights in 2017, the sixth round of draft selection. But in fact, Brown pays a salary and salary space for a two-wheel draft.

“Of course, people will question what I am doing,” Houston said to Chicago media. “But see, this is the first time I am in the season. I should get more to kill before that, so I will celebrate in my first time. What is said. Question I celebrate and say that I shouldn’t celebrate. That is their view. This will not harary me. I have a reason to celebrate. “

McCadu is in the center of all the teams of the team. But many people familiar with the team said that the two bosses of the team did plan to change the coach group and management after the end of the season.

The red scitch quadrugwander-Murray ran out of the four-point guards left, while avoiding the Buffalobier defensive player. When more pressing the opponent more, Murray strives to pass the ball to Hopkins who have been in the end area. Hopkins prove why his own ball technology may be the best in the league. He received a pass under three defensive guards, completed 43 yards to catch up, let the red scitch have 2 seconds left. It is leading 32-30.

But Houston has already thrown this embarrassing experience and is ready to serve as the outer rushing hand in the 3-4 defensive of the new defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. He must also do this; before the start of the 2014 season, the bear signed him in a $ 5 million contract, instead of Julus Peppers. So far, it can be said that he has not yet played the performance of the contract value.

iStock ImageThe most amazing part of this amazing trading: Oswele may not stay in Brown for a long time. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Brown will work hard to trade Osville, see what offer, but may eventually cut him. Lat Portport report Brown is expected to “try” seek deals to get the new England Patrioton Subtock 4-point Guiji-Garoppolo.

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