Washington coach: Fitz Patrick is the first, but you need to compete

When Ryan Fitzpatrick is signed, Washington will treat him as a first quadrant. However, according to the coach Ron Rivera, this is still a job that needs him to fight.

“I have done this in Atlanta,” Muraki explained that he mentioned that he served as an offensive coordinator at Atlantian Fund. “I will take the first offense of the preseason to auction & mdash; & mdash; let someone command, see how we work, see each of the performances and really let them understand the game plan. Take them into us All coaches are in the offensive group meeting room, they have done this yesterday, all arrangements are lightning. We discussed many of the attacks and let them have the ability to command the first attack. “

Wednesday, Wednesday, Watekins said in an interview: “I still need some time to recover. Compared with your teammates, I have already been behind. I can’t work with my teammates, but I still have to do something. I have been watching defensive video, studying defensive way. I think I will come back soon, I have to advance at all. “

Before the physical examination, the saints did not abandon his intentions. In March, the team and Bonley reached a payroll agreement, and the new season had dropped from 4.4 million US dollars to $ 1.25 million, usually pay the salary representative. The team and player did not think of the Saint, in order to continue working with the compromise between the team and the player.

Muraki confirms that Titan’s head two-end offensive command will be made by those involved in the auction of the “Wishing” Foundation. Two people spend $ 10,000 to bid for the right to attack, while Muraki agrees to give two opportunities.

Bunkeley is the main defender of the Saint, 11 games for the saints last season, but in November, it is reimbursed in the four-headed muscle torn season, the offset season has been in recuperation, all the team training I haven’t participated, and the recent team’s body checks that China Bonley has not been qualified, and the four muscle injuries still have not healed it.

Siwei Ze watched Murray powerfully affected after the high light performance at the University of Oklahoma City, then to Cowboys owner Jerry – Jones (Jerry Jones) phone, said Murray must get in the NBA Draft. Siwei Ze recalled in an interview: “After the draft day to day, I was watching it live when the draft has entered the third round Jerry – Jones, suddenly a phone call came, he told me at the other end. said: & lsquo; Barry, as quickly as the last time you told me the war room, then talk to the person repeat & rsquo; I was on the phone to tell them that:. & lsquo; Murray is the first round of the child standard, ye God really shit bastard group actually have the opportunity to vote for him in three think is how did you miss Randy – Moss (Randy Moss), if you do not choose this time Murray was in the last repeat . mistakes & rsquo; “

US time on Thursday, Rivira said: “There will be competition in the team. This time I know who I get the first position, but he wants to compete with other people. I want to bring the first opportunity to bring the biggest victory opportunity. , People who grow and develop opportunities. “

The new season Bill’s offense is worth looking forward to, the team gets the front Philadelphia eagle runs 卫 勒 恩恩 McCoy, and before the front New York jet walks Perth Harvin. Watekins will partner with the above two people to help this new Bill go further.

Since there is no preseason, there are not many competition in Washington, which last year, Dwayne Haskins, also easily gains the first opportunity. After four games, Rivira made Haskins as a substitute, and then cut it due to the external problem.

Watekins still recovered, unable to participate in training

The goal of Buffalobier’s new season is to enter the playoffs. As the new core of the team’s pass attack, the Sammy Watkins is hoped. During the tour, Watekins chooses to accept hips surgery. At present, he still recovered, and it is not necessary to participate in the team training.

Former Cowboys coach four years ago exhorted not to miss the team Murray

Barry – Siwei Ze (Barry Switzer) is a former University of Oklahoma football team meritorious coach, he has coached and helped the team win the Super Bowl in the 1995 season, the Dallas Cowboys. It is claimed that he had recently Siwei Ze strongly insisted that makes the Cowboys finally took off and now the star running back De Make in the 2011 NBA Draft – Murray (DeMarco Murray).

The other end of the phone in the war room burst out laughing after hearing the remarks, wholesale nfl jerseys but they were persuaded Siwei Ze, a former Kansas City Chiefs picked Justin – After Houston (Justin Houston), immediately chose the cowboy Murray. That draft class has five running back selected before Murray, namely Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram), Ryan – Williams (Ryan Williams), Sean – Flynn (Shane Vereen), Mackay Seoul – Le Shuer (Mikel Leshoure) and Daniel – Thomas (Daniel Thomas), the five men present personal achievements are significantly less than Murray.

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