Pony intends to recruit old quartersUS time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Pony is currently intended to recruit old four-point guards – Philip Rivers. According to the opinions of physical assay, relevant resource site Lifes most likely is indeed, Indianapolis.

The Rivers also showed excellent performances in the season, and the passers-by 105.5, and the team entered the playoffs and won the next game. However, the performance of the last season is not satisfactory, the injury problem of offensive front line is on the one hand, the young teenage lacks experience, causing the cover of Rivers that the cover is not as good as the past. His Dagger (23) is still more than being copied (20), but it is obvious than 2018 32-12.

However, in view of the excellent ability to show in Fitz Patrick, there is no doubt that the steel man makes the correct transaction decision. In 14 games, Fitz Patrick got 5 copies, twice forced the ball to go to the ball & mdash; & mdash; one of them returned to Dava & mdash; & mdash; and 9 destroyed passes and 57 times. His arrival reinforces the steelman’s second-line defense and allows the steel man’s defensive group to rank the forefront of the league last season.

As the first AFLC’s crown as a team, the two teams of the two teams will become the battle of the focus of this round. The dock worker is unexpected in the first round of the panda, which may have a relatively large relationship with high level foreign aid in the team. I don’t know if I have served Shanghai, whether I will join hands with the Warriors for the wonderful foreign aid war.

Chris Ballard, General Manager of Pony, said: “We have signed two years with Jacoby Brissett, and also liked his contribution. It is like a fairy tale & hellip; & hellip; To make a competition, each location is the same. Even the Andrew Luck is a quadrant period, we continue to study this position. Because of the uniqueness of quadrants, competition More important, it is also very important to maintain a certain depth every year. “

As a last year’s second AFLC crown asian army team, the Shanghai Night Eagle challenged Shanghai Titan’s game became the battle of the first round. In the confrontation of the two teams, the Titan team once defeated the night eagle in the frenzy advantage, and the land of Zhangjiang Sports Center in the final last year, Zhang Jiang Sports Center once again started to give this game with a different color.

Chongqing Pier is sitting on the home of the home to meet the Aflc New Army Chengdu Panda. As the old team, the pier works in this game, many foreign aids have not played all levels, eventually being 6: 0 in the main family. Chengdu Panda people got the first victory to enter AFLC, so that fans have a bigger look forward to this new army.

“We did recognize that Meers is a long-term member and is the pillar of our team,” Beiler is expressed in an interview last week. “He is an excellent player, excellent person. Obviously, he made a mistake last year and has learned a lesson. But our confidence and beliefs of Miles have not shaken, we look forward to seeing him in the new season and of course in the future Performance.”

In view of the excellent performance of Fitz Patrick’s 14 games for steel people, Kevin Colbert, Kevin Colbert, is very satisfied with the return on investment, that is, this means that the team cannot be in this year. First round pick player.

A disadvantage that the player who has been in the first round of the contract will lead to a disadvantage that the steel man can only make Fitz Patrick for 3 seasons for their efforts before the renewal or the privileged player label.

General Manager of Steelman Cobert: There is no problem with the first round of draftPittsburgh Steelman did not have the first round of draft this year, because last year they used this draft to deal to obtain Miami Dolphin Safety Swan – Fitz Patrick (MINKAH Fitzpatrick).

After the beginning of the second half, Titan offensive several times were destroyed by the night eagle defensive group. After the Night Eagle’s offensive group has experienced the low happiness in the first half, the second half has great improvements, and constantly completed four times through the running ball, helping the team got victory. In the end, the night eagle was successful at 35:12 Comeback, and got the league opened, embarking on the road of defending. (1973, the Legend of the Steel Human Team Terry Bradshaw was successful in the first half of the first half, and the second half of Comeback was successful, and the Night Eagle did something that the steel man didn’t do).

Since then, the first round of the AFLC regular season ends, and the home team will pay all the report. The next round of the game will be held on August 29th, the situation is: Shanghai Titan VS Chengdu Panda, Chongqing Pier Worker VS Shanghai Warriors, Hong Kong Cobra VS Hong Kong Killing Whale, Hong Kong Wars VS Guangzhou Apaci (The lead team is behind ).

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