“I didn’t expect Tom-Braddi to leave (New England). I will miss our days of his array,” Bien said. “You always want to overcome the strongest player, now we have no chance. I think people look at the patriot is ridiculous. The patriot is still alone in this part. I think people look very funny. Running & mdash; & mdash; as long as Bailech is still there, we didn’t do anything before we defeated them. “

Yes, Tom Brady left the United States of America, yes, Bill last season, the first round of the season, won a little bit. But the General Manager of Bill is not ready to think that his team is a temple in the partition. In his opinion, New England Patriots in Bill Belichick is still the strongest team of partition.

According to IAN RAPOPORT, NFL TV network reporter reported that after 4 days of personal ability to show, the most popular candidate this year will receive left shoulder lip surgery on Tuesday. Lawrence decided to hold a personal capacity in advance in advance in advance, it was suggested by Jacksonville’s new coach Erburn Mei MEYER.

Both Bosa was trained in the foot of the foot and restrictions on training, but then lacking the training on Thursday and Friday. According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Boba has put on protecting boots, and it is expected to be observed weekly.

At present, 2 wins and 6 negative wild horses need to make some decisions against lineup. They must decide whether it is worthy of Frak recovery, let him continue to stay in the array. The list of Flak placed in the injury reserve actually means that his season is over. The wild horses have been developed from Tim Patrick from the injury reserve list. There is also a regression quota may be left to the DREW LOCK.

The four-point guardian Bosa is not a virtual pass. The two seasons before the career have harvested 0.82 killing. Since 2000, only three players who have come to five games, only three players have a high-pronged number of data over Bosa, which is Along Smith (1.05), Shawn Merriman (Shawn Merriman) (Shawn Merriman) (SHAWN MERRIMAN) (1.00) and von miller (0.97). Bosa is also one of the six players who have harvested 10+ killed each other in the past two years.

Lawrence originally plans to pass the ball on the day of the Clemsen University, and then subject to surgery. Since the alliance decided to change the model of this year’s comprehensive investigation camp, Lawrence succumbed to show and receive surgery. Now he can get more recovery time and prepare for the rookie season.

The local media took the line of Daniel Daniel as a successful experience of Griffson. As an African top English rugby player, he came to the Pony and had a lot of performance in the 2013 season. She missed the entire season because of injuries. This year, he should have a chance to compete in the training camp to a team quota.

The wild horse coachvik-Fangji, announced that Virak has identified the ninth week of the lack of medal against the Ninth Week of Brambrane. After a game, I announced that the starting player is absent from the next game, which generally means that he will lack a long time. Brandon Allen, who has never been played in regular season, will become the first quarter of the next game.

For example, the local media of Indianapolis explains, Grgsen is a pioneer that is a general manager of cheap nfl jerseys from China to find a player worldwide. His recent trial players include lead balls from Australia, 380 pounds (172 kg), some players from Canadian Football League and a English football player from Kenya.

“I tell him that there are three options,” Meer is expressed in an interview. “The first, you can wait until the team show on March 11, but you have to wait until Near August can rehabilitate, because you need 5 to 6 months of rehabilitation time. Second, you can do not on the show Passing training. He may be a good player, he could have a saying & lsquo; I won’t pass the ball, & rsquo; or the third choice, I said & lsquo; why not take a ball to pass a few? & Rsquo; .. He said & lsquo; then let’s do this. & Rsquo; that is, the next thing happens to organize today’s show. He is a person who loves to play, he has confidence in his ability. “

At least, this is an exciting signal, which indicates that the team is willing to expand the scope of search talents. When NFL, especially the defensive group, the division of labor is increasingly meticulous, and the possibility of skills from other sports may be so large.

After being dismissed by Washington Football Team, Groundon joined the Jaguchu as an offensive coordinator. Under the influence of the epidemic, the team with new coatters and coordinators is unfavorable. But Grunette must start the team offensive group from the prototype to the mature state.

In Flak lack for so long, no matter who succeeded him, the wild horse will face the situation of a four-dimensional guard team lacking experience. Allen, Le Pien and Locke have no experience in regular games.

The transaction got the Evon Digs of Minnesota, Stefon Digs, may be the first step in Bill’s efforts to become the new hegemony of the United States. Bien is not satisfied with the optional candidate for the round to Bill pick, so he would rather big bracels have changed an external connections that have proven their own.

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