However, from the perspective of the salary, Johnson will receive a $ 10.2 million guaranteed income in the 2020 season, compared to the team, cutting him will occupy more salary. Therefore, even if the red scintem is more likely to be the main running guard in the future, Johnson does not seem to be wise.

At present, we have determined Braddy’s health, but we don’t know what the patriot’s fans are. This is not the first time Braddy playing such a surprising project in the lift season. At this time, he went to the mountains in the mountains last year.

Perhaps the transaction of the Red Johnson is a choice, but this may require the rocque to take part of the salary and set a draft to attract other teams. Kaim also said that there is only one running guard in the array, so Johnson may also leave the team and serve as a high price substitute next season.

Pirates take over Gordhe: quartz Wei Wanton suffers too many criticisms

Jameis Winston has been criticized because of 30 passes in the last season. But a pirate teammate of his pre-Tanpawan believes he has been treated unfair.

Earlier this week, cheap Nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Will’s injury will lead to his lack of 2 weeks. However, since the wild horses will usher in the round week after the Mustang Brown, Will may only miss a game.

On Thursday, he released a video on his instagram. This 39-year-old quarter gas not only tried to jump on a snow slope, and finally fell. If you are a fans of the patriot, please sit Look down this video.

Spagovolo returns to the giants before the 2015 season, he has been in the past in the Baltimo crow. He has brought time with the team’s 2 years in the super bowl, but there is no doubt that he will return, the giant wants him to return to the success of the last season.

In the first five games in this season, Will has achieved 4.5 murder and is the main reason for the wild horse this season as a league number one defensive group. If the wild horse wants to make sure that the game, the teammate von Miller and the health frontline defensive seven people need to fill the vacancies of Willands to face the brown state hot quartz – McCane ( JOSH McCown.

The Saint Team announced that the Pierre Thomas and KHIRY Robinson will be absent this Sunday. This is already absent for the third consecutive week, but this is not surprising, because they have not trained in this week. Although Sen Payton claimed that Enggaim did not have problems, he only participated in limited training because of the shoulder injury last week, and the team was listed as a Questionable.

Pelton said in an interview: “There is a distance from Sunday, last week, should be able to recover well. We should be smart, we will arrange the game and our role to arrange the game. But I Think we need to pay attention to the status of Thursday Night and Sunday. “

After the ranking of the union mat in 2015, Sopgovolo led the defensive group to ranks tenth in the 2016 season. After complementing a lot of excellent players during the offset season, the loss of the giant in this season is the second less alliance.

“I absolutely think that he has suffered too much that he has nothing to do with him,” Chris Godwin, recently said in an interview. “I think he is really a quarter-saving. Obviously, some things he do is taught, and some of his offense is not unwise.”

When many team trainer people have changed in the past few weeks, although many people familiar with people said that the giants are planning to make changes, they still expect most of the coaching members to remain unchanged. The giant has achieved 11 wins in the first season of the coach – McAdoo, and the first time I entered the playoffs in the first season of five years.

“There are many times, and I have been wrong. I made a mistake, running the wrong route or I can’t run to him, I feel that I will arrive, then your pass is copied, the ball is converted “” Golden said. “This is not just his fault. I feel that people who really understand the ball understand this & mdash; & mdash; quad-saving to suffer too much. Sometimes it will get too much praise. But this is The essence of this location. “

This means that after a few weeks of evaluation, McCadu will leave the original offensive coach group, and their offensive scores in the 2016 season are one of the minimum alliances. The giant is only 19.4 points in this season, and in the previous year, they got 26.3 points.

When receiving an interview recently, Aliis criticized Winston to step up in the last two games last two games, when he was copied 6 times. Aliis also said that there is approximately 10 cases of copying from 10 times last month, but also said that he loves him, but it hates him.

Winston got 5109 yards last season, ranked first, but at the same time became the first single season passed the first single season to get 30 times of 30 times. 30 passers-talented colors were column seventh.

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