Robbie’s career roller coaster is generally ups and downs. A year ago, although people appreciate the potential of Robs, they also pointed out his instability. From statistics, Robs’s performance difference is not so big. It can copy 1 or 2 times a year in his career. It has completed 10 times more than 10 times in four years. Last Saimo completed 38 hugs, once killed, 8 times destroyed passed, 2 turn (one of which returned to a time), forcing the ball.

Minnesotaviki Running Narvin Cook becomes the best offensive player of the National United States. In the 28-24 victory of Dallas denim, Cook promoted 183 yards (97 yards, 86 yards of the ball), obtained 1 shinkle reachable. At present, Cook’s scorpion times (203 times), the number of buses (243 times), the number of mosquies (991 yards) and the total proposed number (1415 yard) Ranked alliances first.

New York Jet Safety Weija Male – Jamal Adams became the best defensive player of Mei Week. In the 34-27 defeated the New York giant, Adams appeared in each place on the field, got 9 cockroaches, 2 times, 2 times forced the ball, 1 time destroyed. One of them forced the ball to give him back to the ball to attack 25 yards, this is his second time this season. Adams became a six-single-game competition since 2000, and two players who killed the ball and 1 time.

Crawni has always worked hard to take a hurt, but he may have to make a choice when he is too half in the season. He has not yet sucked this season, and the subject is the option that has already been discussed. NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople indicates that the half-month-building surgical will make Crawni absent, while comprehensive repair surgery will end in advance in advance.

In 2003, the Clemmus, which entered the league in the Union, was transferred to the Hawks. He has achieved two counts in three consecutive seasons, contributing to the prevention of the prevention of the historical dominance.

Seattle Hawks Ja Devone-Crowney became the best defensive player of China. In Monday night, he obtained the most 5 hit four-point guards in the season, once killed, one time forced the ball and grab the ball right to return to the ball. The sea eagle overs 49 people in San Francisco in 27-24.

Hoyell’s broker said: “I think Hoyel will return to Brown’s decisive factor will be who is the team’s first four-point guard. If Brown tells us, they want to send Manze first, or I want to find a first four-point guard from the draft or free market, then our choice will leave. In addition to the position problem, Hoyel like Brown very much. “

Griffin became the most valuable player in the final game of college, and he completed 12 times in the game, of which 3.5 times leads to the number of loss, and 1.5 times. The University of Central Florida defeated the Auben University to reach 13 battles.

Atlantan Fematch kicks, YOUNGHOE KOO, became the Best Technical Group Player of China. In the 26-9 burst of the Cold Cold Wars, the Yonghao Dedicated Perfect Perfection. In his first game for false fals, he completed 4 arbitrage shoots and 2-time taps to help the team 14 points.

Brown or will renewart with the quarterThe US local time Saturday, Cleveland Brian’s broker of Brian Hoyer revealed that the team was actively exposure to Hoyle, hoping to be able to renew this with this elderly. The broker said: “We have never discussed the details of the contract. The team just told me that they hope that Hoyer can come back.”

Miami Dolphin Kicks Leng Jason Sanders becomes the Best Technical Group Player of Mei Week. In the 16-12 defeat of Indiana Polis, Sanders, all 3 recordings and 1-time traveled to add a shot, helping the team to get 10 points.

Baltimore Crow 4 points Wei Mal Jackson became the best offensive player of the United States. This is the second consecutive week, and he also won the third prize this season. Jackson got 223 yards in the 49-13 victory in Cincinnati, and the transfer rate of passing the ball reached 88.2%, and it was 3 times, and the quarterfield was a perfect 158.3. The second-grade quarter-saving becomes a player who has achieved a perfect four-point guard in the second single season. In addition, he also got 65 yards, giving 1 time.

Hoyer is about to be free players in March this year. According to the broker, Hoyell will talk about Mike Pettine in the next week and the team, General Manager Ray Farmer. The two sides will exchange views on the future of the team, Hoyell, even Johnny Manziel.

Line Wei Shaquim-Griffin 40-yard sprint test is stunningFormer central Florida University Line Sandquimes Griffin has achieved 4 seconds 38 results in the 40-yard sprint project of the body measurement camp, which is the fastest achievement since 2003. score.

Scouting Griffin as a core player, which can grow as a foreign-handed or strong. In the past two seasons in the past two seasons, he served as a bridge, but he served as a defensive guard in two years before the university. In the old bow, he is in three positions & mdash; & mdash; defensive end, wire guards and Wholesale Jerseys security & mdash; & mdash; training over and perform excellent performance.

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