But recently, some fans appealed to make Christian Ponder initiated. Such an idea is actually not surprising, and Pound has had the first experience. It is reported that such remarks have also been supported by the players, and some players question Cape Nick, thinking that his performance is not enough to complete the team’s competition.

Golley has been selected for 3 times, but brilliant past has become. Last season, he was 223 times, only advanced 857 yards (the lowest career), reached 12 times, he also completed 31 battles and advanced 207 yards. In 2019, his total number of total balls was only 254 times, and at least 315 times a year were 315.

Many fans hope that the team can dismiss Schutheimer and find a more appropriate new coordinator. Fans believe that all the potential of Tavon Austin is a key reason for the team offensive struggle, and Schottharimer has proved its incompetence on this issue.

Fisher does not intend to replace the team attack coordinator

This season, the attack problem of St. Louis ram is still not resolved. The injuries of Sam Bradford may become an excuse, but more fans still choose to align the spearnel to the offense coordinator Brian-Shugantheimer. He led the offensive group of this season only in the League 28th.

For the Jeff Fisher, he has its own view. In an interview, Fisher revealed that there was no replacement of the offensive coordinator: “I think Brian has a very good tactical ability. His organizational ability is a very good teacher. We can’t put all the questions It is unfair to blame. “Maybe Fisher is right, some teams of the alliance have proven the basic elements of the coach to keep patient. Perhaps the Schotang Hainad, he is just a healthy Bradford.

If Detz Bryant finally left, Hels will be a good reinforcement choice. Cowboys existing external hand Türsi-Williams, Cole Beasley, is not necessarily better than Hels, and Bisley’s contract has come to last One year. According to data according to Cheap Nfl Jerseys official network, Herns served as a tank in 58% of the offensive frame last season, and Bisley’s competitive pressure is not small.

In 2018, the contract for the ram to Galley will be destined to take up a lot of salary space in the future. Due to the trouble of knee injury, Galley’s performance is not as expected. Although the head coach Sean Mcvay adheres to Galli without health problems, the ram has also significantly reduced the amount of use of Galli.

Henes only went 10 games last season, completed 39 battles, and promoted 484 yards. However, he advanced 1031 yards in 2015, and the performance of 10 reachaes still can’t be ignored. It is worth mentioning that the year BESrexia is abrupt in the outer array (62%). When healthy, the ability of the Herners running the route is very powerful.

Last season dolphins started 1 win 4 losses, then Wik served as the first, the team ushered in 9 wins and 2 losses, and gained the opportunity of the playoffs. Vik is the only three teams in the Alliance have completed 2 digits in the age of 34 years old.

The election is determined: the pirate is “champion bowl”

The last week of the regular season has all ended. The top 6 teams ranked first will begin to prepare for the playoffs, while the remaining 20 teams will usher in their holidays in advance. With the final ranking, the top 20 drafts will also be set. In the end, the Tampawan pirate force of 2 wins, Ten West Titan, took the “champion bowl”, and lost the Atlantian Funding of the last week of life and death, with 6 victories to get 8 signs. 10 wins and 7-linked eagle are the best in the team that has not entered the playoffs. They will pick their first rookie in the election conference.

Finally ranking:

Tampa Bay Pirate

2. Tennesi Toyan

3. Jacksonville American Tiger

4. Auckland raid

5. Washington red skin

6. New York Jet

7. Chicago

8. Atlanta Falcon

9. New York Giants

10. St. Louis Ram

11. Minnesota Viking

12. Cleveland Brown

13. New Orleans Saint

14. Miami Dolphin

15. San Francisco 49 people

16. Houston Texas

17. Kansas City Chief

18. San Diego lightning

19. Buffalo

20. Philadelphia Eagle

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